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  • Jestaztic By  Jestaztic    

    Yoplait whipped is the Better of the yogurts they have, I Love them because they are fluffy and very flaverful. I buy this brand every time I want yogurt. It's Delicous and Great in some recipes

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  • soreta By  soreta    

    love it low fat lowest price low calories taste fruit in every bite i take it as a dessert substitute

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  • Ossika By  Ossika    

    I got an opportunity to try the Yoplait Whipped Yogurt from Kroger and I snatched the Vanilla Cupcake flavor right off the shelf. Not trembling with sheet excitement [its just Yogurt after all!!] I opened the pack dreaming of fluffy goodness looking back at me but instead I was staring into a plain looking yogurt. By the looks it was not a mouth watering and dig right in bowl of yogurt. It did smell a bit of vanilla and cupcake, so in terms of representing the named ingredients, it was all there. It was just exceptionally boring to look at. However after the first bite it did appear as a light and fluffy mousse. Decent taste and scent of vanilla. Worth the try, I recommend.

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  • BluLadySuccess By  BluLadySuccess    

    Whenever I want something sweet or when I am looking for something sweet for a snack, this is first on my list. The whipped yogurt have a small amount of more calories but they are still healthier than all out sugar. It's also delicious

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  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    These are super good--fluffy, airy, and just super tasty! Our kids love them! Just watch the sugars though but these are really good when eaten in moderation (as with everything else).

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  • KayDiD4 By  KayDiD4    

    I am not a yogurt person but the whips are some that I will actually eat. My favorite is the key lime pie flavor.

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  • sparklelake By  sparklelake    

    These make yogurt really taste like dessert! Several of my children prefer these to regular yogurt, so they are a great way for them to get some calcium!

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  • LTerry By  LTerry    

    Love this yogurt. It taste like a dessert. Love the texture. Once again plenty of coupons out there for this item.

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  • FandB1698 By  FandB1698    

    i love the texture of the whips, i just wish they had more flavors than the few they do.

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  • LotteJoan By  LotteJoan    

    I'll pass on the Whips. I tried the chocolate mousse. The whipped texture is something I expected: very light and fluffy. However, I didn't really like the taste.

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  • ELW83014 By  ELW83014    

    I love the taste and texture of this yogurt I wish it was a little less expensive

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    This yogurt tastes just like a dessert mouse. Delicious! All the flavors are great, especially the chocolate. I wish the servings were a little bigger though.

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  • Enricsmommy12 By  Enricsmommy12    

    Not a huge fan. I like yogurt and these whips just were not my cup of tea. Thick and some were a bit sour. My two year old doessnt seem to mind them though he uses pretzels to dip!

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  • trishalynn0708 By  trishalynn0708    

    Not a fan of these. call me old school, but when I think of yogurt I think of a creamy and smooth mixture. The Whips are too thick for me and I don't care for that texture while i'm eating. But I do buy them when they are on sale.

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  • Amandamuntz By  Amandamuntz    

    I love yoplait and the whipped is a good dessert

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