Yoplait Whips Whipped Yogurt

Yoplait Whips Whipped Yogurt

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Not a fan. Strange texture and for the calories I'd rather eat a cookie.

i do not like the whips. they taste ok except for they taste a little like medicine to me and the texture grosses me out.


I'll pass on the Whips. I tried the chocolate mousse. The whipped texture is something I expected: very light and fluffy. However, I didn't really like the taste.

I really didn't love this. Something about the texture was a little gross to me. Ick. I love regular yoplait, though!

Ew my family does not like the whips variety. We like all the other styles of Yoplait yogurt, but the whips are too thick to eat as is. We have found they are good if you put them in the freezer over night, it ends up like a frozen yogurt, which is yummy.

it's ok

The fruit flavors of these were good, but the chocolate and the ones similar to that were just plain weird. They have a nice light texture though that I did enjoy eating. They still have lots of sugar in them so I dont generally buy them, but good for a nice treat.

The yogurt is very good, but I always add a small amount of fruit or granola to it for a bit of texture! Great product, that I am generally able to apply coupons to as well!

I liked this whipped yogurt only after freezing it. The texture was too light for me otherwise but it is tasty. I'll tick to regular

I put them in the freezer and eat them as a frozen treat on a hot summer day. I get a cool down and i get nutrients

I am not a yogurt person but the whips are some that I will actually eat. My favorite is the key lime pie flavor.

Not a fan of these. call me old school, but when I think of yogurt I think of a creamy and smooth mixture. The Whips are too thick for me and I don't care for that texture while i'm eating. But I do buy them when they are on sale.

Not a huge fan. I like yogurt and these whips just were not my cup of tea. Thick and some were a bit sour. My two year old doessnt seem to mind them though he uses pretzels to dip!

I'm not a yogurt lover by any means.... but the Yoplait chocolate flavored whips are delicious!