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Yogi Tea

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Yogi teas are the best! I drink tea daily and always have multiple kinds of Yogi tea in my pantry at all times- I esp love the detox blend and Yogi is the only brand that offers Kava mood support tea where I do my grocery shopping in my small town. The inspirational quotes never disappoint and I have never seen a repeat message! Yogi is great for body, mind, heart and value !!

Yogi tea is top notch! I love Yogi Tea! My favorite is the Green Tea Kombucha. It has a very smooth flavor. It doesn't taste at all like cold Kombucha drink. I have tried several Yogi flavors and can honestly say I have liked them all.

Good bedtime drink I like Yogi tea. The one I like the beat is bedtime. I'll have a cup before bedtime to get me settled and relaxed.

I love Yogi teas! The ginger tea is very soothing on an upset stomach and is my favorite. There are many that I can't wait to try!

Good stuff Each one of their teas, that I have tried, were very good. Two thumbs up!

My new go-to tea! I'm just recently discovering my love for teas, I started out using different brands and when I found one of Yogi's teas, I had to go back to buy the different kinds. They are all amazing! Never disappointed.

While their teas no doubt have great herbal benefits and I wish I could say a million wonderful things about them I continue trying to drink them and continue disliking their tastes every time.

got these as a sample from a site hubby sign up for. try them & omg so yummy & I am PICKY on tea!

I really prefer loose leaf teas, but Yogi is pretty good for bagged. There is a decent variety of flavors, and the price isn't too bad. I'm not so sure I believe the hype regarding the effects of Yogi teas, but if you're not really looking for anything fancy they'll get the job done.

Love Yogi teas. When I was pregnant these teas were safe for me to drink when there weren't any other herbal teas to choose from and they are quite delicious. I am a huge tea drinker and Yogi is awesome.

I'm a huge fan of their entire line of teas. The cinnamon snack tea is absolutely amazing.

Love this flavor and Yogi teas. They are always extra tasty for a quick pick me up and "me" time.

I love Yogi teas. I've been drinking the Raspberry Passion Energy tea, and I love the taste! It has a very natural, fruity taste, but it's not too sweet. I find that it also works as a detox tea, so drinking it keeps my tummy feeling clean and healthy!

I like all the flavors, its hard to choose. My only complaint is that you can't find them many places. So it's worth stocking up on when you get the chance. During in-between seaons, I like to have a lot on hand. There is one for allergies, sore throat, all types of herbal remedies. I even bought some for my parents.

i have recently , not completely , maybe just a few days a week have coffee with creamer . Having lots of creamer with my coffee was a must and added more must to my hips as well !! So i started drinking tea with a splash of almond milk instead and I am in heaven! Yogi has a complete line of organic and non organic teas for any ailment .