Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

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While their teas no doubt have great herbal benefits and I wish I could say a million wonderful things about them I continue trying to drink them and continue disliking their tastes every time.

I really prefer loose leaf teas, but Yogi is pretty good for bagged. There is a decent variety of flavors, and the price isn't too bad. I'm not so sure I believe the hype regarding the effects of Yogi teas, but if you're not really looking for anything fancy they'll get the job done.

I love Yogi Teas. They have such a great selection for just about anything. My favorite is their Bedtime tea. Perfect for relaxation. I love the positive messeages you get on the tea tags. They are too cute!

I always drink the blueberry appetite suppressant tea and I feel like it works. It might be some sort of placebo effect but it tastes amazing and it gets the job done. I drink it before bed or when I'm feeling like my chocolate cravings are too strong.

Yogi tea is exceptional. I enjoy this tea very much and would highly recommend it.

Yogi tea is very robust and full of flavor. I love to mix the ginger tea w/ a lighter, fruitier tea.

tastes great

I've had several varieties of their tea. I was happy with each one and would buy this product again.

Good stuff Each one of their teas, that I have tried, were very good. Two thumbs up!

My new go-to tea! I'm just recently discovering my love for teas, I started out using different brands and when I found one of Yogi's teas, I had to go back to buy the different kinds. They are all amazing! Never disappointed.

I love Yogi teas! The ginger tea is very soothing on an upset stomach and is my favorite. There are many that I can't wait to try!

got these as a sample from a site hubby sign up for. try them & omg so yummy & I am PICKY on tea!

Good bedtime drink I like Yogi tea. The one I like the beat is bedtime. I'll have a cup before bedtime to get me settled and relaxed.

Yogi tea is top notch! I love Yogi Tea! My favorite is the Green Tea Kombucha. It has a very smooth flavor. It doesn't taste at all like cold Kombucha drink. I have tried several Yogi flavors and can honestly say I have liked them all.

Love Yogi teas. When I was pregnant these teas were safe for me to drink when there weren't any other herbal teas to choose from and they are quite delicious. I am a huge tea drinker and Yogi is awesome.