XM/Sirius Satellite Radio

XM/Sirius Satellite Radio

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i loved sirius radio, it is just very expensive so i had to cut my service

We love Sirius. We are so excited to take road trips because the jams takes all the way in to the next state. the music and news comes in so clear.

love the hiphop stations but I do not pay to hear talking and interviews. I pay for music, the latest music at that.. I like the gossip posts like anyone else..but when I'm driving I only want to listed to the music not the talking. can someone please stop it w the morning shows and interviews?! thank you

Best innovation ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sirius. I listen daily and part of my job is driving from place to place and meeting clients. I love listening to my different decades of music especially the 50s and 80s and 90s. I love that I can choose what style I want and can personalize online

Love XM radio, but I unfortunately don't use all channels. The kids Love having Disney Radio & I love that its mostly not interrupted by commercials. Overall very good reception when we are traveling long distances.

I LOVE IT.......I love all the comedy channels

We tried this several years ago....and they say they have no commercials...well one of my favorite stations was playing commercials....so I demanded my money back....they finally gave the money back...

My husband and I got a free trial of XM radio when we bought our car. We didn't think that we 'needed' this type of thing prior to that, but when our trial ran out, we subscribed. I can't imagine going back to regular radio anymore. It is especially great for long road trips because they have comedy channels and my husband and I laugh our butts off sometimes in the car because the comedians are so funny! This is worth every penny.

I love my XM/Sirius radio ,I am a big Pearl Jam fan and I listen to Pearl Jam radio almost daily so this is why I subscribed but we like a lot of the other stations too and its great for travelling .

i'm so thankful that i got a free script to sirius, I absolutely LOVE my subscription and have bought a membership for 2 friends that also spend a lot of time in their car. this is well worth the small expense. subscrip and see, you will not regret. i listen to cnbc every drive. some of the music selections are a little weak but the news overrides that.

Love xm radio, I had it for about 2 years. I only pay 11.93 a month. U have to let them know or they will try to sell u a pricier price lol. I only listen to 2 to 3 channels.

We've had XM for 5 years now and there have never been so many commercials or too much talking time as there are now! That's a total downer since the reason we pay for the radio is to listen to actual music. Also since they changed their lineup this year the music selection has changed and I personally have to flip through stations wayyy too often since I don't care for the music as much. We're having a harder time getting the signal in our house too (can't figure out why) in the past couple months, so it keeps going out and I have to keep resending activation signals. Overall I wouldn't recommend.

We love SiriusXM Satellite radio. A few years ago, my new van came with a one year free subscription to SiriusXM, and I was immediately a fan. When the free year ran out, I had to subscribe to it! Its pretty much all I listen to now. My favorite part is the huge variety of different channels. My kids have their favorite Radio Disney channel, I have my 80's rock channels, along with todays number one hits. Another great feature is the comedy radio shows, which are great for long road trips. It is defiantly worth the money!

We love our XM radio we live in an area with very little radio reception and we enjoy having the ability to go around town and listen to the awesome variety of radio stations. I love listening to the bluegrass stations and the 80's and 90's channel and outlaw country. It offers kid stations that I play when I take my kids out. We are considering putting one in our other car. It's worth the money.

I love my xm radio. My husband got it for me 2 years ago. cant be without it now.