Four Tips for Decorating Your Holiday Table - Enter our Jennifer Convertibles #DiningGiveaway

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Oct 28, 2015

With the holidays around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to decorate the table. Better yet, sharing the tips below offers the chance to win a dining set of your own from Jennifer Convertibles!

Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah dinner, there are simple things you can do to create a festive energy. Here are four easy tips from that we think are pretty great: 

Step 1: Punch up the centerpiece

"Save money on flowers & table decorations by combining the bar and the centerpiece. Set up a beautiful punch bowl in the center of the table - it makes a great-looking decoration, and people can serve themselves drinks. Put fruit, edible flowers or large frozen chunks of ice in it, and surround with votives." (Linnea Johannsson, Perfect Parties: Recipes and Tips from a New York Party Planner)

Step 2: Mix and match your china

"Pair your fancier dishes with vintage plates, to have a colorful, fun look that doesn't feel too stuffy." (Cheryl Najafi, You're So Invited: Panic Less, Play More and Get Your Party On) If you're using disposable, feel free to combine patterns or vary colors!

Step 3: Find quirky things to put flowers in

Instead of traditional vases, recycle quirky bottles to put flowers in like - mustard jars, glass beer or tequilla bottles - "Soak the labels off and they become the perfect thing to hold flowers because they're low and your guests can still talk over the arrangements." (Cornelia Guest, Cornelia Guest's Simple Pleasures: Healthy Seasonal Cooking and Easy Entertaining)

Step 4: Don't just decorate the table

Think about the whole dining room: "Greenery, autumn leaves, twigs, pumpkins and squash, accented with strings of tiny white lights, can adorn the top of china cabinets, bookcases or the mantel over the hearth. They create an overall effect that is both seasonal and hosptible!" (Christy Rost, Celebrating Home: A Handbook for Gracious Living)

Ready to decorate your own holiday table? We are so excited to announce another fabulous giveaway with Jennifer Convertibles exclusively for SheSpeaks members! 

In partnership with Jennifer Convertibles, a leader in the home furnishings industry, we're giving away one of three beautiful dining sets, valued from $299 to $769 including delivery (surcharges may apply). Options include three contemporary designs, one of which you are sure to find perfect for your home.

The three sets of dining furniture featured in our lastest giveaway include:

walnut dining table

The "Walnut" dining table with 4 chairs is modern and chic, offering a removable 18" extension leaf to accommodate extra space when you have guests.

jennifer convertibles - lacey

The "Lacey" dining room collection features faux marble combined with a rustic tone that is sure to add a sophisticated style to any dining room. It comes with four upholstered chairs with stitching and a button tufting to compliment the design.

jennifer convertibles cimeran

The "Cimeran" dining collection features a stepped table top design grid style chair back that creates a contemporary look and is perfect for a family of four.

How to enter: 

- Comment below telling us which dining set you want to win and why.

- For a bonus entry: Click here to Tweet:  "I'm entering the @SheSpeaksUp & @JenniferConvNY #DiningGiveaway"


One lucky winner will be chosen at random on November 15th. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks to login and comment.

Rules of giveaway: Jennifer Convertibles will provide delivery, based on availability and can take up to 8 weeks once winner is notified and dining set is selected, depending on location/availability - surcharges may apply (disassembly for small entryways.) Continental U.S. only. Winner can not choose monetary value - furniture only.

Congrats to winner emolie27!


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by graymom4 | Chillicothe, OH
Dec 01, 2015

Cimeran! Our family will love it!

by polishchicagoqueen | DYER, IN
Nov 22, 2015

The Lacey dining room set is so classy and different! I love the chair design and wood color! Absolutely breath taking!!!

by autumncayleigh | Los Angeles, CA
Nov 15, 2015

I adore the Lacey dining room collection set! It's the perfect mix of chic and rustic, and would compliment just about any kitchen design.

by dfalln1 | Needville, TX
Nov 15, 2015

LOVE the Lacey dining set with its touch of elegance !

by CatsMom | WOOD DALE, IL
Nov 14, 2015

I would love to win Jennifer's "Lacey" dining room set. It's chic and practical, all in one. Besides, my current dining room set is 19 years old! Thanks for this chance.

by Ohiomommy14 | GALLIPOLIS, OH
Nov 14, 2015

I absolutely love the Walnut Dining Table w/ 4 chairs! I like for easy clean up so we use alot of paper plates but on special occasions we do bring out my grammys set that's been passed down,usually on holidays & family dinners!

by ldekerlegand | Berwick, LA
Nov 14, 2015

I would love the Lacey dining room collection. It is a beautiful set and would look great in my home! This alone would make a great centerpiece!!

by hofken | TUCSON, AZ
Nov 13, 2015


by hofken | TUCSON, AZ
Nov 13, 2015

I would like to win The "Lacey" dining room collection. I like the faux marble and upholstered chairs.

by ShellM4 | RED HOOK, NY
Nov 13, 2015

I absolutely love the Lacey it is perfect for my family of four. I love marble and that table is amazing and would hold up nice with my kids. The chairs look so comfortable, love that they have a solid cushion back.

by Msmizmo | PACIFIC GROVE, CA
Nov 13, 2015

I would be happy with any of them, but I think I like the Lacey best of all. It is sophisticated, but not stuffy and it looks like it would be a dream to clean up afterwards. We've been doing Thanksgiving at our house for the last few years, and I love doing it, but we always have problems with fitting all of the foods,plates,etc... on the table. This year I'm thinking of leaving the food in the kitchen and people can serve themselves ala buffet style, which would leave more room on the dining table for drinks and decorations.

by Frenzyfest | NEW TAZEWELL, TN
Nov 13, 2015

The "Cimeran" would match my china cabinet beautifully!

by spark5 | PITTSBURGH, PA
Nov 13, 2015

'Lacey' and to give to my sister for her family. Their kids put a lot of wear & tear on their table - they've gone through one already...

by spark5 | PITTSBURGH, PA
Nov 13, 2015

Very hard to choose but I think 'Lacey'

by milkchocolatewoman | MATTOON, IL
Nov 13, 2015

Would LOVE to win the "Lacey" Dining Room Set. The set goes with the look and feel of what I want in my dining room- sophistication, homey atmosphere and a place at the table that says 'stay for as long as you like'...