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  • Lorelfs1 By  Lorelfs1    

    Was very good. Great texture. Not too sweet. I like the fruit.

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    I LOVE this yoghurt.Taste so very much like european yoghurt and is not over sugared.Finally a good yoghurt

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  • heather_80104 By  heather_80104    

    I tried this one day the dark chocolate and it was wonderful! I loved it a lot

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  • jfammons By  jfammons    

    LOVE the dark chocolate! I'm not as wild about the other flavors because Greek yogurt is a little bitter for me, but the chocolate has just the right amount of sweetness...and it's organic, so what's not to love!

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  • ljcwebster By  ljcwebster    

    The best yogurt I have ever tasted. I absolutely love the Dark Chocolate, but the strawberry, peach and berries are all great. There is lots of fruit on the bottom, its super creamy and not overly sweet.

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