Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

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The only water I buy, wish more stores carried it.

Delicious! My sons love them! One of my sons' teachers even recommended it to her students! He couldn't wait to try it when he got home from school that day! We went to grocery store! He made me buy a bottle for him and myself! We both loved it! And,sometimes you can catch a bottle with coupons on it!

The taste is okay. It has a lighter taste then any other drink you would drink during or after physical activities like exercising.

Almost as good as the full-calorie version! A little expensive for everyday, but good as a treat.

Taste is ok but it had a bad after taste. I did not enjoy these.

My son and i love this its so regreshing taste great and it so good for you.

I prefer drinking plain water, but I can see why other whom don't do the same as I would choose this as alternative. It has a pleasant taste, all while being refreshing.

I don't like drinking my calories. this helps with that and tastes better than boring water

Absolutely love the flavor of the Vitaminwater Zero Orange Rise! Refreshing and flavorful!

I love the Vitamin Water 10, especially the orange flavor. They taste good and they are low in calories.

excellent taste, consistency. Good source of vitamins

I am a dragon fruit LOVER!! I SURVIVED ON THESE DURING MY 9 MONTHS PREGNANCY.. I cudnt drink water!!!! I used to puke till the day I delivered.. The only liquid I cud tk was the Vitamin water

This water comes in many flavors. I like the dragon fruit best but the others are good too. Very refreshing and tastes better then most of the sports drinks i've tasted. I grab one every once in awhile when i'm in line at the grocery store.

I love the flavors and grab one once in awhile when out and about. A bit expensive, would buy more often if it was cheaper.

Vitamin water is great. I love Dragonfruit. It is refreshing and taste good.