Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

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My son and i love this its so regreshing taste great and it so good for you.

I love Vitamin Water! It tastes great, but it's still hydrating!

Vitamin water is great. I love Dragonfruit. It is refreshing and taste good.

I am a dragon fruit LOVER!! I SURVIVED ON THESE DURING MY 9 MONTHS PREGNANCY.. I cudnt drink water!!!! I used to puke till the day I delivered.. The only liquid I cud tk was the Vitamin water

excellent taste, consistency. Good source of vitamins

There are different flavors offered, which I think is a main concern most people have. The taste is good, and its only got 10 calories! What woman doesn't like a drink like that!!!???

Absolutely love the flavor of the Vitaminwater Zero Orange Rise! Refreshing and flavorful!

Im a heavy soda drinker and want to start drinkin more healthy and hydrating beverages. I recentally tried the vitamin water and i love it. its the best flavored water ive had so far and it keeps me very well hydrated

love them , diet stuff that taste o.k. is hard to find!

I love this drink. It has a great flavor, only 25 calories in the whole bottle and you are also getting vitamins.

FANTASTIC DRINK!! This is my favorite drink. I love all the flavors. The store I shop at for this drink use to put it on sale once a month and I would buy enough to do for a month ,but they no longer have this on sale. They cost a little more than I like to pay. so I now only buy a few a month. I wish they would lower the cost.

Very refreshing H20 Alternative I really like Vitamin Water - ever since I stopped at a convenience store once on a 50 mile bike ride, I took the one flavor they had - It was dark red and I think Acai was in it. It was sweet (it was the full sugar kind) but it was enough to give me the boost to get me home. Nowadays I drink the same but I like the zero ones - don't need that sugar.

As someone who avoids carbs and sugary drinks i think this product is very good for what it is. It has much more flavor that "flavored waters" and is healthier for you than diet sodas. It's a good alternative to regular vitamin water if you're trying to go low-carb low-sugar!

The only water I buy, wish more stores carried it.

Almost as good as the full-calorie version! A little expensive for everyday, but good as a treat.