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  • Loren86 By  Loren86    

    Perfect Snack

    This is a perfect snack or lunch, my children love these.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    So good and easy to make!

    My son would eat these for every meal including breakfast!! He won't eat regular mac n cheese because of these Shells n cheese!!! LOL but thats ok. These are pretty inexpensive for what ya get!!

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  • sneakytortoise By  sneakytortoise    

    Easy to make, and a perfect portion. Great for kids and adults! Take it to work with a granola bar, and it's a wonderful lunch.

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  • sorrowsmiles By  sorrowsmiles    

    I tried...

    I want to like these, but it's so hard to get the noodles just right without having boiling water spill all over the microwave. I still get them for my kids when they're on sale though.

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  • Crystalann314 By  Crystalann314    

    Velveeta has been my favorite Mac and cheese since I was a kid. The pasta shells are more fun then the little noodles that come in Easy Mac. The cheese is to die for, it's so hot and gooey. This is so easy to make, definitely on the top of my comfort food list!

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  • CaitlinBaker By  CaitlinBaker    

    I absolutely loved this!! I thought it tasted amazing.

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  • steph31374 By  steph31374    

    My kids absolutely love these. As a mom I feel good about my kids eating it. It makes a really quick and easy snack.

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  • Justagirl123 By  Justagirl123    

    My son loves these, and they're very fast and easy to make.

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  • Haley2326 By  Haley2326    

    I love love LOVE these! They are so easy for on the go, and so much better than the normal mac and cheese!!

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  • jannabec By  jannabec    

    This is a big hit in my home as we are always on the go..

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  • rachelrivera1313 By  rachelrivera1313    

    I love these they are so simple when you're in a hurry. However, i wish they were bigger. I usually end up eating two at once.

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  • Aly9127 By  Aly9127    

    Delicious!! Love It!

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  • thewayshefeels By  thewayshefeels    

    This and one other brand of macaroni is the only macaroni and cheese that my better half will eat! He is a picky eater and I can make this anytime and know he will be pleased!! There is something about the velveeta cheese!

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  • Kmcarr1977 By  Kmcarr1977    

    My son love these for a quick lunch side :) delicious.

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  • Katlynmarie By  Katlynmarie    

    absolutely perfect for in a hurry moments

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