Using Your Skills Desire and Knowledge to Build Back Differently with Emily Tisch Sussman

Emily Tisch Sussman

Using Your Skills, Desire, and Knowledge to Build Back Differently with Emily Tisch Sussman

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Nov 02, 2022

What happens when your life is your career and you have children who, basically, kill that career? This episode of the podcast, Aliza is talking with Emily Tisch Sussman, Democratic political strategist and host of Marie Claire's first podcast, She Pivots, where Emily talks with other women who have had to pivot in their careers. She has appeared over 300 times on various news channels including MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, HLN.

After having three children in three years, Emily knew she had to change the trajectory of her future - she had to pivot. In this conversation with Emily, she and Aliza discuss her podcast, the identity shift that comes with choosing to not go back to a face paced job, and so much more.

Some Episode Highlights:

8:22 - Basing self-worth on professional accomplishments
13:00 - Emily's difficult identity shift
20:52 - Emily's career pivot
28:28 - What Emily's learning through her podcast  

Links & Resources:

Emily's Website
She Pivots Podcast
She Pivots Instagram
My Children Killed My Career — But Took Me in an Unexpected New Direction (Article)

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