Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

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Holy grail primer This is my favorite eyeshadow primer, it makes my eyeshadow look so much more vibrant and it doesn't crease up at all.

Overall good It worked well with making my eyeshadow last longer. On a negative note I still noticed creases after a short while which I was disappointed about with the price.

No more creases Hold by make in place. No crease still after all day. Love this product.

its good. this stuff is definitely full coverage for the eyes. i dont care for the wand, i find it a little difficult to work with, but the formula is good stuff.

This stuff is amazing!! It really helps keep your makeup on. Even after a long day/night with dancing and sweating!

Great Product! I really love this eye shadow primer! I had gotten it as a sample and had to go out and purchase my own! The packaging is adorable, and the product itself works so well. I have had long nights outs and my eye makeup stays in place until the next day! Yay for that!

I got the free deluxe sized sample of this when Ulta had it up for online orders and was super skeptical; I hadn't heard of any kind of makeup primers until very recently. I.don't generally use a lot of makeup as it is, though, so I didn't think it was very necessary. But I was SO IMPRESSED!!! This stuff is AWESOME! It's not heavy at all, it definitely wasn't ruby as ice seen some people mention so a little definitely went a long way, and it blamed pretty flawlessly!!! And I'm seriously PALE AF. I personally don't use facial makeup except some undereye concealer, maybe an occasional highlighter, so I didn't apply it to my whole upper loss, there would have been discolouring on my skin, but I did just the eyelid, allies my shadow and liner, and it held for several hours while we went out on a Valentine's Day date. No creasing or smudging or fading! Awesome, AWESOME stuff!!!!!

I used to use this much more than I do now. Back in middle and early high school I thought UD was the end all be all for everything so I wore this all the time. It does make your eyeshadow much more pigmented and last longer. I just don't love the staying power over other brands of primer. I honestly like straight up concealer set with a translucent powder more than this for staying power. I don't think I've used this at all in maybe a year and a half?

You don't need a lot for your eyes to glow. Lasts a long time I haven't had to buy any in over three months.

Only needs a little bit to last all day. The primer leaves my eyes full of color for longer periods of time

I love this. It makes my eyeshadow so much. Ore pigmented

Let me preface this by first saying how much I LOVE urban decay as a whole. This product in particular is not for me. It really made no difference to me one way or another. If you're interested in a primer of this type, I would recommend the too faced shadow insurance instead.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer for eyes. I combine it with my Naked palettes and my eyeshadow will last all day. It's not the cheapest, but compared to some other brands, it's a great price and a great product. I love it!

eyeshadow base/primers are a must have. I love urban decay because it fills in all lines and wrinkles on your eyelid so you have a smooth slate to play with while applying your eyeshadow. Your eyeshadows will also appear more vibrant and less dull.

Honestly probably my favorit makeup product it holds eyeshadow and liner for so long and can also be worn as a nude eye. It dries slightly matte and really makes your eyes stand out with just a dab in the corner