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  • Mom1986 By  Mom1986    

    ET Classic

    I've always loved this movie don't miss this one it'll make you laugh cry and you'll be entertained for quite a while never gets old it had a profound effect on me

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  • chaitrasbhat By  chaitrasbhat    

    It is emotional and irresistibly cute movie.

    One of the best Classic movies. It is emotional and irresistibly cute movie. Will definitely make my Kid watch it. :D

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  • kat502 By  kat502    

    E T Movie

    This is one of my favorite movies, Dee Wallace Stone is a good actress, she fits the roll as Mom perfectly. It is a good kids movie , a movie a family can watch together, it made me laugh and cry, I love the alien E T he looks real and he was funny. I give this movie 5 stars.

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  • MsWendy By  MsWendy    

    ET Phone Home!

    This movie is a must for any children collection of videos or dvd's. This movie came out when my son was a bit too little to watch it but once he got to age 3.. he was hooked. ET PHONE HOME was one of his favorite things to say. ET is basically a story of a lost alien who befriends a little boy who does everything in his power to help ET NOT get caught by the bad guys (government) A heart warming story for all ages. A short funny- I had a photo of him when he was little with ET on his shirt and he said to me.. Look Mom, there is ET with my shirt on. I thought I would die laughing at him.. gosh so long ago. Anyway... to any of you NEW parents and to you who have not seen this incredible movie, I hope you will. It will make you laugh and cry and you leave with a great feeling at the end.

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  • Thattagirl By  Thattagirl    

    E.T. a classic

    I loved watching this movie as a kid, curled up on the sofa with a pack of reeses pieces. Especially watching it around Halloween. It's in my collection.

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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    A classy family movie

    ET PHONE ! ET goes home ! amazing movie for children and adults. not only a fantasy movie as one of the main plots is the friendship among ET and the children. Definitely i movie to be watched again and again!

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    Go home

    Classic movie. I don't watch it any more because I have seen it soooo many times. Great movie for children.

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    I loved this movie growing up and also as an adult.Such a great story.

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  • sblanning By  sblanning    

    Manipulating Cinema

    Truly a revolutionary classic that will always remain in my heart as a beloved film. Steven Spielberg and many of the crew from this film are actually getting together again to create a new film called The BFG because they had so much fun exploring the elements of cinema and how to manipulate it to represent the extra terrestrial back in the 80s.

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  • snappvl By  snappvl    

    Great movie!

    This is a classic! My children love it too! I actually don't know anyone who doesn't like this movie!

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  • JacqueS By  JacqueS    

    A timeless classic! Drew Berrymore has come a long way from this roll. In an age when Extra Terrestrial movies were all over the tv this one portrayed E.T. As a "nice" space alien. It's nice that not everyone is out to kill or harm the human race. It also was the beginning of Reese's pieces!

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  • deniserae81 By  deniserae81    

    Who can resist this classic movie? E.T. gets stranded from his family, and humans befriend him. He gets to go home. That's the gist of it, but it really is better than it sounds. Drew Barrymore is really young in this movie too.

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  • KellyN By  KellyN    

    How can anyone not love this touching movie. Possibly ET may be a bit scary looking for the wee little ones, but overall this movie is really good. Isn't that what life is all about? Helping others? It's a classic to watch over and over with new generations.

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  • kilimarie By  kilimarie    

    Always a classic in our house. Can watch it over and over!

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  • RachelRitaRae By  RachelRitaRae    

    Love the humor, child like imagination and action parts to this movie. A great family movie that is one to keep you interested and entertained throughout.

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