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If you are a traveler you will love trip advisor! if you are a traveler as i am , you will love trip advisor! a great platform that offers you information about everything (bad or good) so you can decide if you want to visit or not a place! really helpful but we have to take into consideration that the critics and the comments are personal!

I often use Trip Advisor to find reviews on "things to do", hotels, restaurants, etc. I find them to be very helpful!

The hotel prices are not very accurate and there are way many more hotels, places that need to be added to the site. It is a very useful site anyway.

My go to before I book any vacation. Never have been disappointed with hotels since.

I love TripAdvisor! I spend endless hours on this site reading reviews for places I want to go. You always have to keep an open mind though because some reviews can be grossly misleading. I also try to make sure I write objective reviews for other people to read. I try to include as much information as I can to give them a good idea of my experience.

This is a go to site for me when I am planning a vacation. You get honest reviews from people who stayed at the resorts or hotels you are looking into and the activities around the area. I love reading all the helpful information and I also leave reviews of places I stay so I know it is an honest site. If you are booking a vacation this is a must go to site.

I never book a trip without checking tripadvisor first! It's real feedback from real customers. I love the candid photos too.

I have found this website to be invaluable when planning trips. I use them whenever we are going to a new location and want to pick a hotel that others have stayed at and rated. We have used it for restaurant recommendations as well and have found it to be spot on as far as others experiences there and the food and service offered. I even leave my own reviews and have been rewarded for doing so with travel bag tags, and other miscellaneous travel related items. Very rarely do I go someplace new without checking out the ratings on

We always use Trip Advisor before booking! You can see what other people have to say, see their pictures, and get pricing. This is a great resource for travelers.

Good website to look at hotel reviews. You can even view pictures that other travelers took of the hotel, area, etc. I recommend looking at Trip Advisor for hotel reviews before booking!!

I use this alot to find out true reviews of a hotel.

I love! It's one of my go-to sites for planning a trip. I love that it's full of real reviews by real people. There are tons of photos on tripadvisor that are uploaded by people from all over the world. I like being able to see real photos of a hotel room, hotel pools etc, because it shows what it *really* looked like when someone was there. I can better plan our trips around what people did/didn't like about a place, rather than relying on the a hotel's website for advice & photos. I have changed my mind about many places (good & bad) after reading reviews & seeing photos on

I use this website to help me plan my vacations every year. They help with my hotel, car , activities while I am in Florida.

This is a travel website. It is a must-go-to site! Before you book a hotel or an activity, go to this site to see what other travelers have to say about your choice. This really is a great site for smart travelers. You can determine if the price you are paying is fair, if there are any problems that are deal breakers for you and also usually can find out if the hotel you are booking is close to transportation or tourist sites, etc.