Toshiba Satellite P745 Laptop

Toshiba Satellite P745 Laptop

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My Favorite choice for electronics What a great product this laptop comes with everything you can do anything and everything with it like a tablet but you can also play DVD's great charging capability durable and light weight very highly recommend

Just got this for an early b-day present. My old laptop is an Acer Aspire, which was great. The Satellite is nice. I like the faster processor, larger hard drive and more RAM. It's smaller than the Acer & I am getting used to the screen size. What I love: keyboard is firm, the controls are nicely placed, the computer responds SO much better and faster than my Acer and the whole look is very stylish. What's not so great is that I will have to call Best Buy about a problem with the battery not continuing to charge. I have to unplug/re-plug the adapter to keep the charge going. The charge, when it works, is lightening fast. Other cons: the mouse is a bit odd. I have a little trouble finding the buttons without glancing down. The pros do outweigh the cons.