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What Scent are you Wearing? Enter the SheSpeaks Fragrance Day Giveaway

on Mar 17, 2015: Shalimar by Guerlain is *my* scent

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Order Wine Like a Pro With a New App

on Aug 09, 2014: Great idea. I am not a frequent wine consumer, but it would be nice to feel a little more prepared when I get the opportunity to purchase some. Also, this would be a lifesaver when out for dinner & not wanting to look like the homebody I am!

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Hotel Threatens To Charge Guests For Negative Yelp Reviews

on Aug 09, 2014: This obviously hit a nerve with me because I have to add another comment! As far as the reasoning that members who didn't create the booking not having researched the facility: that what reviews are for! This is why WOM sites (like this one) are so popular. People want to hear from ANYONE who …