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  • Jay2106 By  Jay2106    

    Beautiful and Everyday Wearable

    When I first heard that there was a makeup that had as an ingredient chocolate and that it smell like it too, I was skeptical. However, I bought this Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Packaging is so cute. Looks like a chocolate bar and it's made of metal which means you can clean it up if it gets messy. The shades of the eye shadows are of a neutral side. Some shimmers. I don't feel the shimmers shadows show on the kids as much as they look on the pan. You can create various looks with this and specially everyday ones. Suitable for people who like makeup and for young people. Most shadows are smooth but I feel there's a couple that feel chalky. If you wet them however, they are easily usable. A bit pricey and I do believe we pay in part for packaging.

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  • allie-kat By  allie-kat    

    I have so many eye shadow palettes that it is hard to make sure I am using them all. Out of all of my palettes, I consistently come back to my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I love using the shadow "Salted Caramel" as a transition shade and "Milk Chocolate" in my crease. They are super blendable, creamy, and the perfect matte shades for a neutral-warm natural eyeshadow look. I also love using "Marzipan" as an all over lid color. It is a beautiful shimmery shade. I also always use my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly to prime my lids, and use "White Chocolate" to set it. "Champaign Truffle" is a great brow bone highlight, especially for those of us with lighter complexions. I don't do a whole lot of dramatic looks, so some of the darker shadows are not used as much, but despite that, this palette is one I couldn't do without.

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  • kthiess By  kthiess    

    Solid Pallets

    This palette has become one of my staples. I love the colors and the smell. They are very soft shadows that are highly pigmented. The only downside is that sometimes the shimmers aren?t as pigmented as I?d like. However by spraying my brush with setting spray, that?s no longer a problem. I highly suggest it!

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  • blackbettie37 By  blackbettie37    

    No Fallout

    This is one of my favorite palettes ever, the colors do not have much fallout and the shades are gorgeous.

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  • tbender By  tbender    

    Too faced Gem

    Too faced is my favorite brand of makeup. This palette is A wide variety of richly pimented shadows. Application is effortless. This is a easy day to evening Palette !

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  • Friesgirl By  Friesgirl    

    50/50 pallet

    Too Faced chocolate bar pallet is a cult classic you either love it or you hate it! although the colors may look boring it's a good neutral pallet with some pretty pops of color. The formula is a bit powdery but smells like you just opened up a packet of hot cocoa, the colors need to be built up but they blend beautifully! It's mix of cool and warm tones along with it's different finishes it's definitely a solid pallet to add to our collection.

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    Great pallet and you can eat your fallout! ; )

    Great formula, don't know why they insist on changing formula's with their pallets! I get this one has cocoa in it but that applies to all of their pallets. I digress, it smells lovely, blends great and they are buildable. Great range of colors with nice pigment.

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  • MalumIncarnatum By  MalumIncarnatum    

    Good Palette, but nothing to go crazy about.

    This was my very first higher end eyeshadow palette I had ever bought, and I absolutely loved it at first. The shadows are still pretty good quality, but there are others that I prefer to this palette and most of Too Faced palettes. It smells amazing and the colors are fairly nice, but they?re nothing absolutely to die for. My one complaint is the packaging, while it is absolutely adorable, my palette got smashed while traveling and the lid won?t close anymore because it?s so bent out of shape.

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  • hey_lee By  hey_lee    


    MMM! Scrumptious I could almost eat it! I love this bar of eye shadow. It smells amazing! Oh so good, and it is very pigmented for nice, bright, vibrant colors! Really the only downside is the price. I wish it was more reasoble so I could have all the palates instead of it being a very special treat. It is amazing though and they are a great company!

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  • LyciaG By  LyciaG    

    Do It

    OMG!!! Okay so I have this pallet and 1st of all I'd just like to say IT SMELLS AMAZING !!! Just like chocolate, you could literally eat it. This is such an amazing pallet next to the Too Faced Peachy one, the shadows allow you to either do a night life smokey or an everyday neutral look. The one thing I really like about it is how smooth the colors and pigments are in each shadow. It's really hard to actually find colors that will show up on brown skin and this on did very well, its super compact for easy stow away and super cute, it is a little pricey but the shadows last pretty long.

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  • raaaani By  raaaani    

    I love a bronze smokey eye and this helps me achieve that look! Idk if it's just me, but it smells so good lol. The colors are pigmented and blendable. I don't get any fall out which is what I've heard about it. But it's so beautiful!

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  • marielanr By  marielanr    

    This palette is really useful to create day and night looks. It has a variety of shades (matte, shimmer/pearl finish), it also has dark and light shades that make it easy to create many different looks. You can create fun looks with color and also more neutral eye looks. All the shades are also really pigmented. The palette itself is a descent size and easy to travel with. This is one of my favorite palette, and definitely worth the price!

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  • Tulip102903 By  Tulip102903    

    One of my favorite palettes

    I really love this palette. The shadows are very blendable and pigmented. The colors work well for minimal or dramatic makeup. The light chocolate scent is a bonus!

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  • wovenbirds By  wovenbirds    

    This is such a beautiful and unique palette. The shades are gorgeous. A must have for any makeup fan.

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  • sapphirediva By  sapphirediva    

    I have a pretty big collection of eyeshadow palettes, and I still enjoy using this. The shadows themselves are quite butter and blend really well. The colors are cohesive and you can make a lot of eye looks using this alone. It also smells so amazing I want to eat it every time I use it.

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