Too Faced  Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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So worth it! The brush on this makes it so easy to give length to your lashes and add mascara to the bottom lashes too. I love how fast it dries and it doesn't feel cakey or clumpy after.

Great product This mascara is perfect for daily wear! It's what I started my teenager with, as the coverage is beautiful, natural and not clumpy even with multiple coats!

not great not the best? i have used way better mascaras for the price.

Meh, mascara junkie and not a favorite from me This product isn?t that great, I don?t get the hype. Many better products that cost the same or less. Flakes, doesn?t add enough thickness or volume.

Better than sex I absolutely love this mascara! It makes my lashes have volume and length. When I use better than sex my mascara is always flawless. It stays put and doesn?t flake!

It flakes like crazy! Love this mascara...they only flaw is that it flakes so bad, it is such a shame because I really love how my lashes looked.

The name says it all! The name of this mascara is accurate. This stuff is pure gold. I've never found a mascara that was so perfect. It doesn't dry out like other brands. It goes on flawlessly, stays on all day and doesn't budge. This is my forever mascara.

Everyone who's tried it,has come back for more it seems. Great product!!!

Not BTS IMO So I really wanted to love this because Too Faced is my favorite makeup brand, and for all the hype surrounding this mascara. I mean come on, it's called "better than sex!" It goes on well and I like the brush. There's minimal clumping and my lashes looked great! However, it flaked on me like crazy once it dried. I had black specks all over under my eyes. It took awhile for it to dry and somewhat set as well. The staying power wasn't that great in my experience either. I did try the waterproof version of this mascara and had a MUCH better experience with it. Like night and day! So, though I don't recommend the regular version of BTS, the waterproof lives up to the hype, in opinion.

It really is better than sex This mascara is totally worth the price it's the only kind I like to use. It makes my eyelashes look so long and nice.

Worth the money. I tried this mascara and really liked it. Start out as thin as possible and do about 3 layers. It really steps the volume up alot. It stays on great and is totally worth the money.

It?s alright This was alright I definitely wished I could've gotten more volume and definition using this mascara but it looked alright overall

Love!! I really love this mascara. It definitely makes a statement although towards the end of a bottle it may get a little clumpy, it's worth a purchase. Not sure if I agree with it being better than sex lol but great mascara nonetheless

Way better to me! Hathor 47 Ann Arbor Mi Dec10,2021. While in Sephora I was looking for a new mascara and I saw the word sex. Well me bring me I grabbed a tube and and went to get ready for the evenimg. I was so impressed as a MUA that I hadn't tried it snd now it's my go to. I gave it 5 Stars!

Not very good. Definitely not what I expected and not what it is Hyped up to be. Store brands are better.