Too Busy For Workouts? New Trend Incorporates Cardio Into Daily Routines

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 07, 2019

One of the biggest and often valid excuses given for not exercising is that our busy schedules afford no time for the all-important cardio fitness routines. But a new fitness trend that squeezes exercise effortlessly into our already packed schedules may be just what many of us need to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

ABC News reports about the trend experts are calling HIIPA which stands for high-intesity incidental physical activity. This means that those little bursts of intense excersion like running up a flight of stairs to catch your train on time or vigourously vaccuming the living room can actually benefit your health more than most of us think.

The idea that high intensity workouts must last at least 10 minutes or longer is now being refuted. The latest 2018 US Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Report is now saying that any amount of movement will be beneficial to our health.

And this type of short bursts of physical activity is exactly what high-intesity interval training (HIIT) is all about. This very popular training routine centers around short bursts of vigourous cardio excersise that lasts anywhere from 6 seconds to 4 minutes with 30 seconds to 4 minute breaks in between. This type of training has proven to benefit cardio vascular health and help people stay in shape.

These same benefits can be seen when we take part in our daily HIIPA routines, like walking up a couple of flights of stairs several times a day or running for to catch the bus each morning. It can be easy to incorporate HIPPA into our everyday lives by doing things like walking vigorously to the car while carrying heavy groceries, leaving your car at home while walking to local shops or work, taking the stairs at a fast pace rather than an elevator, and any uphill walking will be sure get your heart pumping. This type of regular activity is sure to improve lung function, heart health and overall circulation.

What do you think of the latest health trend of incorporating short vigourous bursts of activity throughout the day?

What types of ways do you incorporate fitness into your daily routine?

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