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  • yuly4840 By  yuly4840    

    Too many adds... they have great work out ideas.

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  • princess51 By  princess51    

    alot of ads, still has fun work-outs

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  • kicken91 By  kicken91    

    One of the best fitness magazines out there! I currently subscribe to it i am always looking for the exercises and the health food recipes in it! absoutely love this magazine and so excited when i recieve it in the mail.

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  • bdlynn By  bdlynn    

    I love this magazine.It gives you different workouts, weight loss ideas, healthy recipes, and beauty tips. It also has inspiring stories from everyday people of there success stories. And it is always keeping you up to date with the new trends.

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  • Rabb02 By  Rabb02    

    This magazine is better then others, but there are to many ads. I like the simple workouts and the alternatives if you cannot do a specific one.

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  • TheJessicaBaker01 By  TheJessicaBaker01    

    I love this magazine. It is the best fitness magazine out there. Its not just about fitness either. It has beauty, well being, and recipes. The recipes are super delicious and the exercise routine each month are challenging and fun. A great magazine overall!

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  • LAgirl By  LAgirl    

    One of my top 5 favorite magazines. I got a one year subcription for free and am on cloud 9. Also glad they don't put some high price model on the cover. They usual use some sort of girl next door type on the cover. Offer good advice and exercises

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  • bunkygirl By  bunkygirl    

    I was very surprised at how much I enjoy this magazine. I thought it would appeal mostly to a younger woman. I received this as a trial offer, but I would buy it in a store.

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