The Muppets Movie

The Muppets Movie

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Cute! This was a cute movie. It had great humor. I loved that my kids got to enjoy the muppets like I did. They loved the music.

The muppets are my favorite! Im a huge disney fan and the muppets are my favorite... This movie is really cute and its not like the older Muppet movies, so dont compare it to them

happy son very entertaining for my son. It was cute to watch

OK movie Some of the humor was good. I wasn't crazy about this movie, but it wasn't terrible. I would only watch it once, and that is all that I needed.

Being in my 40's and growing up with muppet movies makes this very nostalgic for me. I was glad to see them all again on the big screen. Timeless fun never ends with these guys. So glad to share with my kids. Great movie to watch with the whole family!!

I loved this movie, usually I get automatically turned off by musical movies, but the songs are catchy and cute and the acting is great. I loved the story and it kept me interested. Excellent family movie, didn't get sick of it when my daughter watched it 24-7

Very cute movie. Humor for kids and adults. Great family night movie!

I was a Muppets kid growing up. I watched it every week without fail. Needless to say, it was nostalgia that made me want to see this new Muppets movie. Was it the awesome recollection of the Muppets from my childhood? No. Was it decent in a new way? I guess...

best!! awesome songs, and realistic ending, ( kinda)

Jason Segel, you can do no wrong. This movie is perfection. I'm 31 w/ no kids and I still watch this movie regularly. I'm a bit sad to learn that Mr. Segel won't be in the next movie, as I feel he was a vital part in this one being so wonderful.

Really cute, a good movie for kids..

I wanted to love this. The Muppets are great, but this was not great. I do not like Jason Segel so that was a negative right off the bat. If you want to watch Muppets get the shows or old movies...Muppet Christmas Carol is wonderful!

What a terrific movie! I'm a big fan of the Muppets and truly loved the idea of a story bringing them back. I wanted my children to experience the same characters I grew to love. With this movie they indeed got to see how fun the Muppets are and how entertaining they can be. I agree with other posts that this can be enjoyed by the whole family, and truly enjoyed all the cameos.

Its a cute little movie

Very cute movie that my whole family enjoys. Shockingly, my 6-year-old son is the one who requests it the most.