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  • Booney86 By  Booney86    

    Long live madea

    What a fantastic film never gets old tyler perry is a genius relatable resonates with the viewers

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Tyler Perry's the real deal

    Can't go wrong with Tyler Perry I feel this one hits all the right notes thumbs up for that movie one of the best I've ever seen excellent idea for a birthday or just because

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  • laurlaur04 By  laurlaur04    

    GREAT Movie! Then again all Tyler Perry movies are fantastic. The actors were expertly chosen, and played their parts wonderfully.

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    Great movie. I love all of Tyler Perry's movies

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  • babygirl8082k By  babygirl8082k    

    I loved this movie just as good as Tyler's Madea movies. Another great to add to the collection

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  • mdunnings By  mdunnings    

    Great movie.

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  • tia450 By  tia450    

    The Family that Preys is Tyler Perry at his best! For those who are tired of seeing Medea this movie moves beyond base stereotypes and explores family dynamics. The struggle between loyalty and the seduction of money is a prominent theme. This movie is a great movie for date night, there are some steamy love scenes for the romantic at heart.

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  • basimah2kk By  basimah2kk    

    Love this movie!

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  • roenicklover By  roenicklover    

    an awesome movie, i love tyler perry and all his movies and plays and this is a very well done movie about love, greed and deception.

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  • jmelee82 By  jmelee82    

    I have watched this movie at least ten times. Every time I do, I get the opportunity to experience the broad range of human emotions in one sitting.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    This was a very good movie

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  • cybrown551 By  cybrown551    

    I loved it. It was so funny.

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  • dreamstar2380 By  dreamstar2380    

    love the movie.

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  • melsplace By  melsplace    

    I love most of his movies funny, about life situations, love, hope, family. I also enjoyed this one check out some of his other you will enjoy them also. Have a great day

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  • kristina_ganeva By  kristina_ganeva    

    I start watching Tyller Perry`s movies couple of days ago. I saw a good ratings on the web-side so i decided to spend some time in front of the TV. Well i am very happy i did. His movies are really good, i recommend to watch it.

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