Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Best cookies with a homemade taste. Light, addicting, unique. Non fattening. Not overly sweet, just delicious.

Best Cookie ever I took one bite and fell in love with these cookies. I can't put them down.

Love these! So crunchy with just the right amount of chips. Yum!

Great cookies I've just recently discovered these cookies and I'm so glad I gave them a try! They are delicious, crunchy and not too thin or thick. I can't wait to try more of them from this brand.

Taste homemade! These are probably the best store bought cookie brand. They really do taste like a classic homemade chocolate chip cookie. They can be a bit on the pricey side but so worth it.

OTTERBEIN CHOC CHIP COOKIES ARE WAY BETTER!!!! Anyone who thinks these cookies are great has been deprived of tryimg Otterbeins Chocolate Chip Cookies out of Baltimore. THEY truly are great cookies. As a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur I can attest that Otterbeins cookies are the best with just a hint of molasses in the aftertaste. Somehow Tates cookies has done an excellent job of squeezing Otterbeins out of the market with only their product being distributed by Amazon and Costco. But you can order directly from Otterbeins.

Light crisp buttery and delicious with every bite I kept hearing about these on the radio and decided to give them a try. The cookies are very thin, not what I'm used to. Although thin they are light, buttery and quite tasty. I have only tried the chocolate chip but I was not dissapointed. There are chock ful of chocolate chips and a butter taste in every bite. This has become my favorite cookie that I pair with coffee

Sweet and Cruncy I love these cookies! They are so dangerous though. They are thin and crunchy like chips, so it's too easy to eat far too many! They are so delicious and satisfyingly sweet and crunchy though.

If you like thin and crispy cookies, these are great. They're better than your average store bought cookie.

Crispy Cookie I was told that Tate's cookies are impeccable, unfortunately that was not my experience unfortunately. The cookies were very dry and crisp to the point that they dried my mouth out as I was eating them. I am 100% willing to try another kind as the quality was good, it just isn't my kind of cookie. I like softer cookies with a buttery taste. There were a good amount of chocolate chips in them too.

These cookies are crispy, light and delicious, Especially when you don't want a heavy cookie. Perfect amount of chocolate chips. I also tried gluten free they are equally tasty. Didn't notice any difference.

I ate Tate's (formerly Kathleen's) Cookies for decades. Last summer I ate their chocolate chip cookie and it was bland. I contacted them and asked if they changed the recipe. They said no. They lied. Their ingredients do NOT contain butter. They contain cocoa butter! not the same thing! Not the same taste! No taste. Waste of money. I no longer eat them. Dont waste your money on cookies not made with real butter.

I love crisp cookies! I love the flavor of Tate's and I prefer my cookies to be CRISP--so these are perfect, IMO

I like these. Super crunchy. I'm more of a soft cookie kind of girl, but I dip these in milk. They have a slightly salty flavor that I really enjoy.

Light and delicious Love these cookies. They are crispy and delicate. Loved by everyone in my family.