Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These cookies are crispy, light and delicious, Especially when you don?t want a heavy cookie. Perfect amount of chocolate chips. I also tried gluten free they are equally tasty. Didn?t notice any difference.

I ate Tate's (formerly Kathleen's) Cookies for decades. Last summer I ate their chocolate chip cookie and it was bland. I contacted them and asked if they changed the recipe. They said no. They lied. Their ingredients do NOT contain butter. They contain cocoa butter! not the same thing! Not the same taste! No taste. Waste of money. I no longer eat them. Dont waste your money on cookies not made with real butter.

I love crisp cookies! I love the flavor of Tate's and I prefer my cookies to be CRISP--so these are perfect, IMO

I like these. Super crunchy. I'm more of a soft cookie kind of girl, but I dip these in milk. They have a slightly salty flavor that I really enjoy.

Light and delicious Love these cookies. They are crispy and delicate. Loved by everyone in my family.

Cookiees Tates or a delicious chocolate chip cookie that I always choose over all the rest the chocolate chips melt in your mouth and you can?t get enough of this mouthwatering cookie.

Best if you like thin and crispy THE best choc chip cookies, hands down. Only if you like your cc cookies light and thin and crispy, though - otherwise look elsewhere!

these are so light and crunchy! best cookie snack ever.

Try Tate's gluten-free. They're amazing! Tate's makes the BEST gluten free chocolate chip cookies anywhere! They have the same taste, texture, and quality as their regular cookies. Perfectly crisp, very flavorful, and just all around worth the money.

The best!! Tate?s has THE best chocolate chip cookies, they are crisp and buttery. I even went online to get their recipe. So simple. These are one of the only store bought cookies I?ll buy. The other store bought chocolate chip cookies don?t even compare.

These cookies have an excellent flavor for a store bought cookie. There is no 'store bought' flavor here. They are perfect if you are looking for a little something to eat. The chocolate chips in them are high quality.

I started eating these cookies when Tate?s still had a bakery in Southampton! They are perfectly crisp and buttery but still light. I am actually a chewy chocolate chip cookie person but these are hands down my favorite cookie ever!!!

Best chocolate chip cookie Best chocolate chip cookies because they are thin, crisp and buttery.

My fave! Absolute best! Crunchy & taste homemade. I eat these every night with chocolate milk.

Chocolate Chip Divinity These cookies are the next best thing to homemade. I specifically like the gluten free version - which tastes identical to the wheat flour version.