Target Up Baby Wipes

Target Up Baby Wipes

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Love these! This is definitely my favorite brand of wipes. They're SO soft and affordable as well. I really can't get over how soft they are it's amazing.

Best option Love the options, love the price, love them. Their sensitve wipes are great for sensitve soft baby skin

Too thin- makes diaper changing messier The good thing about these wipes is that they are cheap but not really worth saving the money because they are just too thin. When cleaning BM you have to use extra wipes to avoid getting it on your hands. Other non- store brand wipes are more efficient due to being thicker.

These wipes always help me get the job done quick and easy. My daughter as with any baby hates diaper changes and these wipes are durable enough to clean up even the messiest of blow outs she throws my way. While not the most durable of wipes I still get the job done.

I find them to be a little too saturated and the perfume is overpowering, I actually found myself wringing out a wipe as I got to the end of the container. Not for me.

By far the best wipes out there, even compared to Huggies and Pampers. The price is just an added bonus!!! Even though both my kids are out of diapers, I still have the Up and Up wipes around my house (and car) to clean up the occasional dirty face and/or hands. Can't say enough good things about the Up and Up Target brand!!!

i dislike these wipes do to the material of the cloth its way to stretchy sort of like a nylon material seems when you change a diaper and you wipe everything goes through way to messy for me...

I love shopping at Target and I love their products.

love them!!!

I have used these and as compared to Huggies Natural care wipes these felt more like a makeup remover wipe..very artificial (if u knw what I mean). I think I will be sticking to Huggies

It has a fresh smell, gets my baby's butt clean, and is a good buy for the price.

These are great! They have a nice smell and have a good quality about them. I like how they consistanly come out of the package, some store brands will not do this. Their diapers are wonderful as well!

Another awesome Target product! I love these as much as I do thier diapers and formula.

We have always used target wipes, rather then the expensive brands. great quality for being so much cheaper!

comparable to pamper's but without the price. They don't tear like huggies wipes do sometimes