T-Mobile Mobile Phone Service

T-Mobile Mobile Phone Service

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T-Mobile Is The Perfect Choice for Me I've had Metro by T-Mobile for about 6 years and I never have a problem with them, or my phone calls or reception. They have a plan that suits me perfectly, and when I wanted to switch to a lower rate plan, I did it right in my app with no hassles. Their customer service is easy to reach by phone or email, and they've always been extremely helpful!

Disappointing T-Mobile purchased Sprint. My home is now a dead zone and have frequent loss of internet everywhere. We were told that we would not lose anything; yet; at home, my cell is dead. There are times when I am in my car using Waze and I completely lose Internet.

Great Company, needs work I'd love to give t-mobile 5 stars but I can't. Why I love my phone and the unlimited plan, some of their'deals? lack and it can be hard to get the help you need. I applaud their customer service for their help when you are able to reach them though.

I recently took advantage of the offer to cover ETF charges. I was excited to leave my current carrier. It has been frustrating, confusing, overwhelming, and just plain silly. I did not like the phone that the agent recommended and I ultimately agreed to. I have been trying to return it and find a new phone but have spent 150 minutes talking to numerous customer service people who do not have the skills needed to help me return and purchase a phone. I went to a local store and was the only customer, the sales clerks could not stop talking about the "hot chick" that kept walking by outside. The coverage is not the greatest but livable.

SUCKS! bad reception and service!

I am torn when it comes to my relationship with T-Mobile. While I do enjoy their selection of phones and customer service, the signal is spotty and very fragile. I live in a city but lose my signal inside many buildings, when others do not. No exaggeration, I seem to be the only one who can't use their in a sea of people with phones in the store or some place.

This is based on my current service with T-mobile. I can never seem to hold a solid signal in my home, which up until recently was a HUGE problem because it was also serving as my home phone. I asked why, a representative insisted it was because my sim card was old and I needed to replace it. I think a new one through them would could about $20 or so, thankfully I found a less expensive one on Amazon and by less expensive I mean massively less expensive.I think it was about $3! Either way, I still get a crummy signal. About 2 years ago my phone completely froze, which I do realize is a manufacturer problem, not a T-mobile problem necessarily, but in order to get a replacement phone, I would have to pay (through the nose) for it. Overall, the cell service is terrible and the customer service is really not much better.

my husband and i got t-mobile about 6 years ago the only reason we got it was due to bad credit a they were the only ones that would give us phones and we have had so many issues with them they over charged us for 8 months on a data plan for a line that could not even access the web and only would credit 3 month and with in the last year started charging us for the 4g hot spot service that was supposed to be free and did not have the guts to say they wanted to start charging they claimed it was a system glitch a the whole year that we did not pay was not supposed to be free well i think it was because they made a device that you can put out a 4 g signal with and you have to pay 49 a month for and people were not going to but it if they could get phones that would do that for free

Just switch from at&t like service better the price isn't to bad either

i love this phone carrer its awesome good custermer service

Dishonest about their coverage

By far the worst customer service in the history of EVER. My brother died at the age of 51 unexpected and very sudden. We paid his last bill and contacted them to let them know of the sitatuion and termination of policy as he was a single man w/o dependants. We were told they would be billing us (his siblings) the $200 termination of contract fee. REALLY T-Mobile?

I love Tmobile. Durable phones, good customer service and cheaper plans then AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. I've been with them for 8 years.

I really like there phones I get a great signal with them

I have had Tmobile since they opened. I have experienced good phone service, even on a cruise to the Bahamas. There are occassional drop/dead zones, but all-in-all pretty good. They offer a good assortment of phones to choose from, usually for free or close to it. I added my kids to my service for $10/month. The plans are decent, but I would like a few more choices. And the only thing that I don't llike is that if you change your service (upgrade,etc.) they extend your contract for 2 years. Though it hasn't mattered much to me since everytime my contract ends...I reup because they have the best plan.