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  • Booney86 By  Booney86    

    Tech is a lifesaver

    Outstanding quality clear picture comesin handing for long trips and at home also pure genuis

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Finally it's here

    Kids are never bored with this player must have for long car trips fantastic brand I've used it before duel screen comes in handy for everyone

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  • SimplyDavia By  SimplyDavia    

    I love these and this is my second time having about stoping the she/he's annyoing me in the car routine on a long trip....this does it and drowned about anything but the sound of laughter or snorring on the trip from MN to NC!

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  • pachi76 By  pachi76    

    Love the dual screen dvd player!! It keeps my young children entertained while taking long or short trips. I don't have to worry about them fighting or bickering with one another. And I purchased ear buds that they can hook up to it and it drowns out the noise while I'm driving, and I can actually listen to the radio! Yea for me and peace! Love it!

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