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  • CandyMaxwell By  CandyMaxwell    

    Sayue is the best

    I've tried many different brands, but none of them have really worked , but Savue really does,.. it has a wonderful smell and it doesn't leave strkcs in my cloths

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  • Vanessaloty By  Vanessaloty    

    Doesn't work for long

    Smells good but doesn't work very long. I've never had a suave deodorant last more than a few hours.

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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    Good product

    Works great, scent isn?t too strong. Keeps me dry. It?s the only brand I use.

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  • Pip_squeen89 By  Pip_squeen89    

    Really Useful!

    I got this deodorant a few weeks ago, and it works great!!! I got the sweet pea and violet scent. My armpits are now odor free and sweatless!!! Thank you Suave Deodorant!!!

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  • Dahling By  Dahling    

    Not like it was

    Was my go to because it worked and felt nice. One purchase, double pack just fidnt hold up, like consistency changed. With shaved pits i could go 48hrs using suave. Couldnt find unscented anymore, some scents bother me.

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  • Brittbrat1012 By  Brittbrat1012    

    Goes on easy, lasts pretty long, smells pretty good also. Just hate the white streaks that get left on darker clothes sometimes.

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  • HollyKay1 By  HollyKay1    

    Suave is my go to - I've used it for years now!

    I have always loved Suave products for the availability, quality and price. I have tried other products with a much higher price tag and didn't see a difference. I love using the Suave baby powder scent - it is so fresh and does the job it is supposed to do for half the price of others.

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  • slachance20 By  slachance20    

    I never had a problem with this cheaper deodorant.. Holds up for 24 hours, but i do put on at night after a shower and in the morning. Smells good too.

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  • JazzyLykins By  JazzyLykins    

    Bang For Your Buck

    This cheap deodorant doesn't lack protection. I've wore this during sports, hot Kentucky summer days, and the occasional test, and it has ALWAYS held up.

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  • pinktaps By  pinktaps    

    Suave smells nice

    Suave 24 hour anti perspirant deodorant keeps me dry all day with nice scent added on. Reasonable price that I can afford to use. My main deodorant for now.

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  • Elenart By  Elenart    

    didn't love the smell, and i feel it wore off pretty quickly.

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  • mares97 By  mares97    

    For me, this deodorant performed well-the scent lasted most of the day which was refreshing.

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  • sadler2722 By  sadler2722    


    Love the smell and price, but doesn't work 24 hours and is in no way invisible

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  • mrimmer16 By  mrimmer16    

    This is a good product but yeah it doesn't go on invisible if you want that you would barely have to put any on and I know as hot as our summers are that would not work for me , but it is an affordable price and smells nice.

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  • Ardieterle By  Ardieterle    

    Not bad for price

    This is the deodorant I use when money is tight. For the price it works pretty good, though I do have to reapply sometimes. I love the smell of the deodorant but wish it would last longer.

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