St. Ives  Elements Olive Cleanser

St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanser

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If you have considered trying one of the expensive brands of oil based face cleansers, try this first. It is very versatile. Remember that most of your cosmetics will be oil-soluable more than soap-soluable, so it makes good sense to use an oil cleanser. Some people want more of a "clean" feeling, though, and here is a way to get both: When you face is full of day's end makeup, put some in the palm of you hand. Have a washcloth handy, as well as a little bit of a regular foaming face cleanser. Rub the oil between your fingertips and gently over your face. If you need a ittle more for your eye makeup, get some, but do the eye area last. Leaving your eyes closed, get your foaming cleanser on your hands, make a small lather, then gently use the lather to wash your face. Rinse with the warm wet washcloth. Some people use a nice glycerin soap instead of the foaming cleanser. Some people don't use a foaming cleanser at all with the cleansing oil. Sometimes, if your eye makeup is particularly heavy, do the eyes first with the oil then tissue it off. THen proceed with the regular face washing routine. I have also done a oil cleansing only, then used an alcohol-free toner to remove the oil residue if I am a little blemishy. You just have to play around with it to see what works for you.

I've been looking for something that will hydrate my skin and this product worked wonders. I had been experiencing a lot of flaking after washing my face with numerous other cleansers, but this left my face feeling so clean and moisturized. Even if I forget to put on my moisturizer after I washed my face I didn't have any problems with flaking after trying this.

I purchased this product since I was looking to replace my Neutrogena Oil-Free makeup remover which left my skin quite greasy and made me breakout. I have sensitive/combination skin & while other face cleansers leave parts of my skin dried out, this cleanser works wonderfully. As for removing my face makeup, it works well but since it suds up I was afraid to use it to remove my eye makeup but I didn't burn.. It left a few parts of stubborn eye makeup on, but it's an overall great product.

I have also been using St Ives Olive Cleanser and it is by far the best for my sensitive skin! It really does not dry your skin out and is great for everyday use. I use mine on a pair of body washing gloves ( get em at the dollar store ) and you are exfoliating while softening and smoothing all at the same time. Can be a little pricey, but I have picked it up on sale with a coupon and got it pretty cheap. Worth the cost

This is an amazing face cleanser. It really deep cleans and feels as though it dissolves all the dirt, grime, sweat, and oil that accumulates throughout the day. Despite all that, it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped and dry like other cleansers, but very moisturized. I've been using it for a year now and I definitely break out less when I use it on a regular basis. I find that it's much better than any of the medicated acne products I've used as it's much less harsh on my skin.