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  • beautybabemaria By  beautybabemaria    

    Love love love

    Love this primer it is absolutely amazing and makes my skin look so sooth and blurred. It's also very light weight and keeps my make up look fresh and not cakey.

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  • mhall04 By  mhall04    

    This feels really good on the skin. It is very lightweight. My only problem with it is I don't feel like it does very much to make my foundation look better.

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    

    Highly recommend

    Really great foundation primer. Not greasy at all. Very light weight. Easy to apply and long lasting. Highly recommend

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  • Jnd42611 By  Jnd42611    

    Photo ready

    I love smash box photo finish primer. It's my everyday essential and makes my face look flawless.

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  • Haleyreviews77 By  Haleyreviews77    

    I do feel like this product makes me makeup and base last longer but it isn?t very moisturizing. It?s a very silicone feeling primer but it?s not bad.

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  • CierraLynn By  CierraLynn    

    Not for sensitive skin

    I always get this as a sample in beauty bags. It breaks my skin out horribly, so I never use it all over the face. However, it does work relatively well as an eyeshadow primer for me. That being said, I would not purchase this product solely for that purpose. It's too expensive.

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  • TiffanyLove By  TiffanyLove    

    Great primer!

    Thus primer really fills in my pores, giving my skin a smooth flawless finish. I love it and highly recommend!

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  • McMama04 By  McMama04    

    One of my all time favorites. It preps the skin beautifully and really helps your make up stay in place.

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  • KatieFarrell By  KatieFarrell    


    One of the best primers out there. Makes skin feel soft and smooth and your foundation glides on super easily after using. Only downfall is the price.

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  • Angientonee By  Angientonee    

    I promise you will love this as much as i do

    I used a ton of different primers before trying this one after i tried this i never used any other kind this is by far the best ever ill never buy any other brand i would definitely recommend this to any of the ladies it will make a very noticable difference

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  • eveu98 By  eveu98    

    Great Primer

    I have been using this primer for 4 years already and it is such a great product. It applies smoothly and feels very mattifying on the face which is great for foundation application.

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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    Love this primer! It truly helps keep your makeup on all night and from settling into weird places.

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  • envygirl35 By  envygirl35    

    This product has done wonders for people with all types of skin. This is an amazing product for people who want a matte application.

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  • princessjatan By  princessjatan    

    I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This product!!! I got a monthly gift box from Sephora and that's how I got to try this lovely product and fell in love the moment it touched my face. It I always use a moisturizer before I put on my primer and with this product you really don't have to. It feels heavenly, lol or at least what I would consider heavenly. It makes your skin feel like silk and I have even skipped out on concealer and foundation or even powder just because my skin looked decent enough with only the primer. I am literally to the point of using scissors to cut it open to scrape every last bit up because I am broke right now and cannot afford any smashbox products. That is one thing I don't like about this line is the fact I'm too broke to afford it lol. Otherwise I am sure I would give many other great reviews about more of their products if I could afford to try them.

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  • Clarissa07 By  Clarissa07    


    Never used but herd great things about this product and would love to try it

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