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  • ldekerlegand By  ldekerlegand    

    Love! They are delicious, quick, and convenient! They taste as close to homemade as you can possibly get out of frozen rolls!

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  • tassie60 By  tassie60    

    These are very good rolls all of the Sister Schubert products, they are as close to homemade you can get. They are readily available at my local supermarkets and stores and I always have them on hand because they are so easy to just throw in the oven and heat up and my family loves them.

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  • tawnyoak75 By  tawnyoak75    

    These rolls are delicious....tastes like rolls grandma used to make

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  • mordor By  mordor    

    These are so gross. I would never buy for my family again.

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  • Softkitty86 By  Softkitty86    

    I love these! The best yeast rolls out there!

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  • Jess1015 By  Jess1015    


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  • MandaGailConnell By  MandaGailConnell    

    These rolls are delicious! They have that made-fresh, restaurant style quality that the whole family loves.

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  • babagrlshell By  babagrlshell    

    I hunted these rolls down when we moved; these were so difficult to find at my local stores. I finally found them and stocked up my deep freezer!

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  • chasandboyd By  chasandboyd    

    Sister Schubert's rolls are the best. They have a great yeast roll smell and taste amazing!

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  • superstar17at By  superstar17at    

    I love these they taste great and so quick and easy, they come out warm and soft.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    These are the best frozen yeast rolls I've tried so far and my husband usually devours a fair share when we have them with dinner. It's so homey to have that fresh-baked aroma wafting through the kitchen. Their texture is soft and light with just a slight thin crust on top.

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  • butterflye By  butterflye    

    Great tasting rolls!

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  • beth1958 By  beth1958    

    great wonderful homemade taste

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  • jackster By  jackster    

    You will like them

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  • audreyasnell By  audreyasnell    

    I love sisters their products are wonderful they always deliver that old fashion homemade taste but are quick and easy to fix keep up the excellent product

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