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  • parentwithoutamanual By  parentwithoutamanual    

    Not so hydrating

    I purchased this at target and was highly disappointed with the results. I appreciate that it is not oily however my skin did not feel hydrated at all. For the price I paid I certainly expected a better quality product.

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  • PTcoolio By  PTcoolio    

    Good product

    This product is so light and refreshing. I use it daily.

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  • MsNVet By  MsNVet    

    The best

    After searching for a SPF that didn't leave a white cast on my face I found this one and i wouldn't trade it for nothing. After battling post acne scars this way key to protect my face while on the journey to clear and brighter skin

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  • Nicole409 By  Nicole409    

    Since it is winter time now my normally oily skin has places on it that have turned dry and a moisturizer is a must have. I bought this and have been using it for a few weeks, it does a great job with moisturizing my skin without making it oily.

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  • sophiazmommy By  sophiazmommy    

    Light but effective. My go to in winter. Love not worrying about tons of chemicals in my skin moisturizer. Not too thick to wear under makeup. No harsh smells. Compliments the scrb well.

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  • BeckyRocks By  BeckyRocks    

    I was extremely disappointed in this. It caused major breakouts on my skin and I'm 38!! Very embarrassing for my skin to look so bad.

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  • tpoole By  tpoole     SheSpeaks Tester

    My husband uses this face lotion daily and loves it. I love the price too, when coupled with a coupon. There are always great sales. Doesn't dry out skin and keeps the moisture in. Very smooth. Highly recommendable!

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  • happymomof3 By  happymomof3     SheSpeaks Tester

    I have been very pleased with how the product feels on my skin. It doesn't dry me out and it makes my skin feel clean and fresh

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  • ladyshorty By  ladyshorty    

    I've never used this product before.

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  • ezgoingmom By  ezgoingmom    

    I was happy when I got a sample of this in the mail. I tried it during the winter time when I tend to be more dry. It works well. light and silky.

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  • DynamicNova By  DynamicNova    

    I really liked using this after the facial cleanser. Helped moisturize my skin, but not too shiny with my oily skin.

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  • ratchetred By  ratchetred    

    I have oily/dry skin mix so sometimes it can be hard for me to find a great moisturizer. This one was light, but still moisturized my dry parts. It didn't make my skin breakout either.

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  • ahildebrand88 By  ahildebrand88    

    I use this every day before I put my make up on. I got it as a free sample in the mail, but I will probably purchase after I use it all. Also, I only got a small container for the sample, but it has lasted forever! A little goes a long way!

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  • AshleyG By  AshleyG    

    After hearing about the benefits of using a moisturizer I went out and bought this and I love the way my face feels after using this. My makeup looks better on my face now that it's not dry.

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  • Easy2Save By  Easy2Save     SheSpeaks Tester

    This is a very good moisturizer it is light but keeps my dry skin looking great. I am liking every Simple product that I have tried so far.

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