Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

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Not good for my sensitive skin. It stung and I immediately had to wash it. I'll use it only on my hands now.

Since starting using this I broke out! I'm 30 and this doesn't ususally happen! I plan on giving this to a friend who is interested in it! I thought the box looked nice and bottle package was simple! I looked at my local walgreens for it and still can't find it!

The look of the packaging was appealing and I liked that the lotion didn't have a scent. I have combination skin that is not usually very sensitive, but I also had a burning sensation when I tried the moisturizer last night. And I woke up this morning with quite a bit of redness. I was actually looking forward to putting on my regular moisturizer on to calm it down.

I had high hopes for this product, and was delighted that SheSpeaks chose me as a tester. I like the concept of no chemicals, HOWEVER - I was recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and have become very, very conscious of my skin's health. I must use a product containing sunscreen. Because this product does not contain a sunscreen, I cannot use it on my face. So, instead of using it as a facial moisturizer, I used it as a body lotion. The first day or two was fine, and the lotion seemed to go on smoothly. For the last couple of days, though, I have had an itching sensation all over my body. Since I've not changed anything else, I can only attribute it to the lotion. I am surprised at the reaction I've had, but I see that other folks with sensitive skin have had issues, too.

I was very excited to try this, as I love trying new products, however I was very disappointed. The moisturizer left an immediate stinging sensation on my face and i washed it off. I am surprised and bedazzled what ingredient in a natural product might have caused that. I have used many different brands, and through trial found finally what I love most, and honestly, I never had a facial moisturizer leave my skin feeling like that. I only used it once on my face, but since I don't like wasting anything, I have been using the moisturizer on my hands and it seems to be ok. Hate being bias, but since I had a bad experience with the moisturizer, I would definitely not purchase this brand. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out, though.

I was extremely disappointed in this. It caused major breakouts on my skin and I'm 38!! Very embarrassing for my skin to look so bad.

I got it in the mail and started using this product. It has a very light feel and moisturizes well. A little goes a long way. The first time I used it my face turned red around my nose and chin with a little burning sensation. Which sometime can happen when I change facial products. After I started using it about 3 days I started developing blemishes more than normal. So I purchased the facial cleanser and used it as a system. No Luck. They are good products they just didn't work for my skin.

I did go check out the selection at Walgreen's and the store employee let me try both the light and rich moisturizer, which I thought was very nice and helpful. I like the light moisturizer, but I am concerned that it doesn't have SPF. I think that is essential and I am not a fan of buying and using a second lotion for SPF. I do like the feel of the lotion and that it is absorbed readily. I don't smell so it is not a factor with me. I think I would not buy it because I do like my moisturizer to have SPF.

This a a very pleasant lightweight moisturizer bit I found that the hydration did not last enough throughout the day! Pro Non-irritating Easy to find at most retail outlets Good for younger skin Reasonable cost Good starter moisturizer Con Does not wear well under make-up Hydration wear is not equal to product claims May cause shiny spots/appearance on people with t-zone or comb skin

i know this product is more on the "light" side but I didn't think it had what I needed. I thought it absorbed ok but it did not make my skin feel moisturized.

I was thrilled to get to try the Hydrating Light Moisturizer. I love Simple's guidelines and product ingredients; the more natural, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed the extremely light fragrance as well. Unfortunately, the product seemed way too light for my dry skin; before even half the day was over it felt very, very dry. However, I am not giving up so easily. I know that my skin may be much more used to moisturizers containing parabens so I am going to keep using it to see if things get better.

I was really excited to try this product, and to become a She Speaks Tester for it. I did have high expectations for this moisturizer. Unfortunately, it didn?t meet all of them. Since I have combination skin with a tendency to be on the more oily side, I thought that the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer would be the perfect match for my skin. Instead, I found that it wasn?t as light as I thought it would be. With that said, it did moisturize well, and the biggest plus was that it didn?t make me break out. The main issue that I had with this moisturizer was that it had a tendency to produce a burning sensation on my face upon application. This happened quite a few times. I am not too sure as to why, though. It actually had me worried a few times, but I didn?t break out in a rash or hives, so that was GOOD! The fact that this happened with a product that doesn?t have harsh irritants really does surprise me. I don?t necessarily have the most sensitive skin, although it can be at times. I know everybody?s skin reacts to products differently. Other than that, it was a decent lotion, and I am glad that I had the chance to try it. If I could recommend this to anyone, it would be to someone who does not have sensitive skin. That stinging feeling was a bit too much for me! I also felt as though this product would better fit someone with normal skin, as opposed to oily. As for using it on me, perhaps this would work better as a hand or leg lotion.

I was excited to try this lotion. The idea of all natural ingredients was a big bonus. It absorbed into my skin very well, but I do prefer a little thicker moisturizer.

When I received this product I was disappointed that it did not contain a sunscreen, which many facial moisturizers do now. It does go on smoothly, and I like the fact that it does not contain any perfumes. It felt good when I applied it to my face, but after a few hours my face began to feel dry. I think this product would be good for a very young woman, but I prefer a heavier moisturizer.

Goes on nicely, doesn't feel heavy. Didn't leave a sticky feel to my skin like other moisturizers I have tried. Not very good for combination skin. A few hours after using it would my make skin feel oily again. Overall I liked the product it just doesn't work for my skin type.