Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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best brand for almond milk Silk makes the best milk alternatives. I like their almond milk best, tastes great.

Silk Pure Almond milk Love this with my cereal in the morning. Also great with my lunch and a sandwich. Super great milk

Love it! I have started using Almond Milk in place of milk. It is much easier for me to digest. I use it in protein shakes every day. I also add it to my coffee and love it in my cereal!

The best almond milk I now exclusively only drink unsweetened almond milk. I prefer the taste to regular milk and it is easier on my stomach and great on the carb count. I frequently also buy unsweetened vanilla almond milk which is perfect for coffee.

Although I've made the move to purely organic nut milks now this is my favorite standby when mine aren't available!! Delicious, rich and creamy you won't miss any of the sugar!!!

My fiance has trouble when it comes to milk. He loves cereal but just can't tolerate milk so I found this at Wal-Mart and decided to give it a try. At first he was skeletal it might taste like almonds but it has more of a vanilla taste than anything. He loves it & now me & our kids drink it too. I prefer this over regular milk any day.

use istead of mild love this...great alternative to milk...and is amazing on cereal

Great tasting I started drinking Silk Almond milk at the recommendation of a friend of mine. I was skeptical, as I've been a hardcore milk drinker my whole life, and don't have any issues with lactose etc. Welp, I have to say that drinking the Silk has really changed the way I digest milk. I guess I did have issues with milk after all! Since switching, I don't have gas, stomach issues, etc. I am amazed that I'd missed those symptoms and yet, now they are gone. PLUS, the stuff tastes really good! I have switched to the Silk creamer as well, and couldn't be happier!

Tasty Stuff I love all the Silk soy milks. They are better than regular milk. And likely better for you. I honestly don't miss regular milk at all.

Nutrition taste great Mmmmm.. delicious this is a great tasting drink use it in coffee for cereal baking or simply drink it yesss..pour it in a cup and enjoy the goodness or almond milk and try the sweetened almond milk for that sweet tooth

Get your silk on! I love Silk, chocolate, almond, plain, vanilla, coconut, you name it! It's my go-to ingredient for my smoothies, coffee, desserts, shakes, oatmeal, and so much more. The almond is one of my top favorites, I like to combine this with coconut milk, pineapple, and vanilla yogurt. Excellent for smoothies! It's high in protein and rich in calcium, and low in calories. So, go ahead, put a little Silk in your life, and indulge your taste buds with something different and delish!

I accidentally bought this unsweetened version instead of Silk's sweetened vanilla almond milk for my morning cup of coffee... Not a fan. I tried using it in other things (cereal, oatmeal) but never developed a taste for it.

Silk is the best! I've tried soy milk and while it's okay, it has a bit of a beany aftertaste to it that is rather unpleasant so I was excited to try Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk. It is wonderful on its own but especially great to dip your cookies into it. The rich, nutty, buttery flavor really adds something to the traditional milk and cookie treat.

A hit Love the taste and use it all the time. It's great for anyone who needs dairy free.

Creamy and delicious My daughter is lactose intolerant so we drink a lot of Almond Milk in our home. We really like Silk because of the texture, taste and less sugar!