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  • meganam By  meganam    

    So happy that more and more brands are making non dairy egg nog. This one doesn't get 5 stars purely because I have had other brands/non soy nogs that tasted better or had a better consistency. But it's still delicious and I buy it every year around Christmas time.

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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Very smooth and silky.

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  • jassos By  jassos    

    After buying the Silk version of egg nog all season and then having regular at a friends house I realized that the Silk version is so much better. It has a spice taste but the thickness is lighter and doesn't leave a sour taste. Very smooth.

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  • spindrift By  spindrift    

    There are 2 egg-allergic people in our house, including me, and I buy this when I see it. It's such a fun indulgence. We add nutmeg and cinnamon. You can even use it as a sauce on your vanilla ice cream or yogurt.

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  • alwaysinl0v3 By  alwaysinl0v3    

    Love this nog. Creamy and inexpensive every Christmas

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  • JBbrom By  JBbrom    

    oh my yum! I bought this for my son who is allergic to milk and all dairy products. sampled it myself and it was so good. liked that it wasnt as thick as regular eggnog! didnt feel like i was drinking butter!

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    If your lactose intolerant , I am, and you want to enjoy Egg Nog during the holiays, Easter or Xmas, then this is the one to try. Since I was already using Silk's regular flavor dairy and loved it, I though I'd try their Egg Nog several years ago and I've been buying it whenever my supermarket carries it. I've had egg nog made with milk & eggs so I know what egg nog tastes like and Silk's Egg Nog also has the same rich creamy taste .

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  • ValCarPas By  ValCarPas    

    I never had real Egg Nog, so I am cannot compare it to the real stuff, but I was very hesitant about trying this because the sound of eggs being used in the real drink sounded disgusting, so I assumed I wouldn't like Silk's version of it... but it is absolutely DELICIOUS! I love it very much! It is creamy and has a wonderful taste!

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