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  • Padillalizbeth By  Padillalizbeth    

    Great show. Should have not dragged on until the last season, but very good show. Dark and mysterious at times with a touch of drama.

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  • Qmorgs By  Qmorgs    

    You know how sometimes you really, really love a show. And it can just do no wrong. Then it reaches a point where you look at it and go 'I don't know how we got here, but I think we should see other shows. It's not me, it's you.' Yeah, so, it's not me, it's you Dexter. I don't know where things went wrong... oh no wait I do... when you went off on a crazy nutball tangent.

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  • KARENMP31 By  KARENMP31    

    Its dark but entertaining and full of exciting, unexpected twists. Love it.

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  • fabyzoe By  fabyzoe    

    I loved the cases and the psychological profiles. The show lets you get into the mind of a diagnosed psychopath and the way he tries to survive in society while satisfying his urge to kill. Even though Dexter would be considered evil since he kills brutally, he decides to become a type of vigilante, only taking out criminals who have not been brought to justice. The show makes you understand better a psychopathic mind and actually show apathy.

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  • ishibishi By  ishibishi    

    My husband and I started watching it because a lot of people told us how great of a show it was! We started watching and and LOVED it at first. Honestly we got to the 5th season and just stopped watching it. I believe there are 8 seasons but we just stopped at 5. It wasn't pulling us in like it was in the first few seasons. I am sure we will eventually finish it off but for now we moved on to other shows that we find much better.

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  • cupidbaby0311 By  cupidbaby0311    

    This is my addiction right now! I'm almost done with season 7. My husband came in on season 4 and now cant stop watching it either. Thank god for netflix because I can watch the episodes back to back! As twisted as it is I totally love the concept!!

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  • cloerg By  cloerg    

    Once you start watching this show you will not be able to stop!!! Its so suspenseful that you can't just watch one episode! Very sad that the show is over :(

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  • chiefsgirl By  chiefsgirl    

    love it. It's amazing how much Dexter can do and get away with it.

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  • BetZ61 By  BetZ61    

    Too Gorey!

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  • frugal4life By  frugal4life    

    Loved the show. Great acting. each gripping and.different. Always surprising and wondering what's gonna.happen next.

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  • berrisherri23 By  berrisherri23    

    Hated the ending of the season finale (aka LAST EPISODE of the series) but other than that, it's a great show!

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  • Jenny1022 By  Jenny1022    

    This show was a big hit with me and my hunnie when it first started but now not really pulling me in and keeping me interested like it did:(

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  • descoral By  descoral    

    Excellent show love the concept compelling story lines and twists at every turn.

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  • Melostar By  Melostar    

    I love this show! So sad that it will be ending soon. It makes me want to read the books though.

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  • ladygracie By  ladygracie    

    Love this show, too bad its in the last season.

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