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  • Rmbeard By  Rmbeard    

    Laundry, I win!

    I love these things! I feel like they give me an edge over the never ending piles of laundry. I have used them for a couple years now and have yet to have any color running I would say they work.

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  • brittylou22 By  brittylou22    

    Best invention ever!

    This is the best invention ever! As a mom, I don't want to spend precious time sorting laundry. I can toss my whites and colors together and use a color catcher in with the load. My colors are just as bright as when they went in. The color catcher grabs any color bleeding!

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  • cic2016 By  cic2016    

    I've been using Color Catchers for years and won't do a load without them! They really work as promised, and it's evident when you see all the dyes and colors the sheet has absorbed after the load is finished. I can feel comfortable mixing dark and light colors together because I know the color catcher will prevent any colors from running!

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  • DesYater By  DesYater    

    This product actually works!! I use it every day!! Wouldn't regret it one minute

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    I got a few samples of this, and now I can't live without it!

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  • mimimissy By  mimimissy    

    I know I should separate my clothing but I don't. I just throw them in mixed and all. I have used these and they do work. You know they work when you pull it out of the washer and there is colors on the white sheet. I would tell anyone to use these. My mom uses them as well.

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  • kloveone818 By  kloveone818    

    Sometimes I have a hard time color coding my washs but with this product it makes it's easy to put things together. Of course similar colors it still does a great job catching the colors. Great product overall.

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  • ragaimuffin By  ragaimuffin    

    I hate sorting laundry, its time consuming. No one has time for that! And these are perfect! Use it when i am washing my new tie dye with other clothes, catches all the colors!

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  • sofiaviolet By  sofiaviolet    

    These are one of my favorite laundry products! I hate running the washing machine for only a couple of garments, but don't generate enough laundry to separate clothes by color unless I wait two or three weeks to do laundry. With color-catching sheets, I am no longer concerned about mixing different colors - I now only separate laundry by the fabric weight and the kind of cycle (spin speed, water temperature). The Shout brand are the second kind of color catching cloths I've used, and I find them a little less impressive to look at (the Carbona ones come out of the washer looking more dyed/stained) but completely effective.

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  • mamabeck By  mamabeck    

    Love these! Just throw one into the wash when washing something new for the first time, or in a load of dark clothes, and you won't have an issue with the dye staining something else!

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  • malgosia By  malgosia    


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  • chrissherman By  chrissherman    

    We travel alot with my husband's job, having to use hotel laundry rooms. I don't always have a full load of whites, so I throw stuff together (something I hate to do!) and toss in one of these. It really does catch the colors!

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  • juliet By  juliet    

    I am making a habit of putting Color Catcher in with my wash all the time. It really does work. Even when I'm not concerned about colors running I use it. I feel that it does brighten everything. So convenient too!!

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  • chaos7448 By  chaos7448    

    This is a great product. I does do what it says. Just DO NOT follow the commercial and put it in your FRONT LOADING washer. It is small enough to get sucked through when the washer spins out clogging the hose and causing your washer to malfunction. It cost about $200 to have your washer repaired. When I called the company they said there were instructions on the box that say to put the color catcher into a lingerie bag before using it in front load washers. They sent me a coupon for another box. I continue to use this product, but use the lingerie bag now. It was a very expensive lesson to learn. I feel the commercial is very misleading and false advertisement. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS WHEN USING WITH A FRONT LOADING WASHER!!!!!

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    These are fantastic. My mother made quilts for my daughters that bled in the wash. I tried these to prevent it from happening again and it worked beautifully. Ill always keep them in my laundry room!

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