SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America, Again!

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.21.08
SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America, Again!
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A couple of weeks ago, Good Morning America featured SheSpeaks and other word-of-mouth advocacy companies on its program. See the details of the story on this website.

Due to the incredible viewer response and interest in this topic, Good Morning America today ran another segment on this time featuring The Conception Kit, a fertility product that SheSpeaks members are getting a chance to try.

SheSpeaks members who have struggled with fertility for years have tried this product and successfully become pregnant!

While we have already filled all of the program spots for The Conception Kit, the Company has given anyone interested in trying the product access to an exclusive offer.

You can receive $50 off the regular retail price of the Conception Kit. To take advantage of this offer go to and enter the discount code "SHESPEAKS" at checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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  • misseltoe By misseltoe

    I also found shespeaks from the conception kit. With the discount code I think I will buy it now. We are very much wanting to have another baby. The first one took six years and I am very scared of it happening again, as we are already a year in trying for the second.

  • lindab15 By lindab15

    It sounds great even though I am 51 years old and wish I had another baby, my son is 21 yrs. old so I think it is kind of late for me. If I was 15 or 20 years younger I would definitely try it. I wish all the women out there a lot of luck with this product and a world of healthy babies.

  • destinie6 By destinie6

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers - we have two healthy children and a third on the way, but all families ttc and having problems are in my heart - I hope that this product will help you all achieve your dreams of becoming parents.

  • carriecooley By carriecooley

    I very rarely get to watch GMA, but I was home recovering from surgery when I saw the spot highlighting "She Speaks." I am so thankful that I joined this website and have already been invited to join a campaign. I am so exicted about trying new products and connecting with other women.

  • nordygirl28 By nordygirl28

    We're planning to start "trying" very soon, so its nice to see that there are products that are easily accessable in the event we have a tough time. Thanks for the info!

  • ChelleB By ChelleB

    Wow! I'm late posting here being that I just registered tonight, but this kit looks very interesting! :) I did hear a little buzz online about the GMA piece a little while ago though. Good luck to all of the lucky couples who are giving the kit a try! Please let us know how it works for you and have fun while you're at it too! ;)

  • luv2laff_69 By luv2laff_69

    I love GMA an aftr watching this particular segment I thought it would be great to register on sheSpeaks!

  • msconfident By msconfident

    i myself have never used the kit fertility. who ever have used it i wish them the best,if i ever wanted to get pregnant again i am quiet sure that i would use the kit fertility for myself.

  • willikd By willikd

    I found that information about conception/fertility really interesting. My Husband and I having been trying to have a baby for the past 2 years and it has been unsuccessful. I am very excited about the conception kit. I have purchased the kit. SO wish us luck

  • ChannaLeah By ChannaLeah

    this really caught my eye... after years of fertility treatment anything that might help seems like its worth a try!

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