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SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America, Again!

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.21.08
SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America, Again!
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A couple of weeks ago, Good Morning America featured SheSpeaks and other word-of-mouth advocacy companies on its program. See the details of the story on this website.

Due to the incredible viewer response and interest in this topic, Good Morning America today ran another segment on this time featuring The Conception Kit, a fertility product that SheSpeaks members are getting a chance to try.

SheSpeaks members who have struggled with fertility for years have tried this product and successfully become pregnant!

While we have already filled all of the program spots for The Conception Kit, the Company has given anyone interested in trying the product access to an exclusive offer.

You can receive $50 off the regular retail price of the Conception Kit. To take advantage of this offer go to and enter the discount code "SHESPEAKS" at checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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  • didama By didama

    I saw this on Good Morning America today. My husband and I have been trying to conceive without luck for 3 years. I can't wait to try the Conception Kit! Thank you for the discount code!

  • moreen76 By moreen76

    me and my husband has also been trying for 8yrs and invetro seems sooo expensive i hope this will help

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    Shespeaks has done a great service for women trying to conceive by bringing this product to light. I hope it helps a lot of couples!

  • bluechristina5 By bluechristina5

    I have never had fertility issues, but it's nice to know that there's a reliable product that can help. I have a good friend that's going through this and will definitely pass the info on to her!

  • cmarieresendiz By cmarieresendiz

    I too saw the segment on GMA this morning. I had never heard of this website before, and I just finished signing up.

    My husband and I have been ttc for about 2 yrs now not trying hard, but not preventing either. Hopefully I can find this kit and try it out!

  • Butterfly74 By Butterfly74

    would like to see if it really works !!

  • dthurman91 By dthurman91

    The discount code didn't work but I still ordered it. Hopefully it works; we've been trying for six years.

  • tishatoone By tishatoone

    I found that information about conception/fertility really interesting. It is the segment (2nd) part of GMA that caught my attention. I am a grandmother of 8 children and have first hand knowledge of fertility problems in our children. I have a daughter in law that has done 2 surrgocies and one was twin boys, then she was blessed with her own set of twin girls a year after. Bless you for offering this product to people who want to become parents!

  • carriegirl By carriegirl

    Anything about infertility has my attention! After 14 yrs of trying to conceive we had a baby girl. Years of tests, medications, laproscopys, IUI's, ovulation predictor tests, along w/ the pregnancy tests (because every month you hope that will be the month) led to invitro. We have been trying again x 3yrs and not getting any younger!ha. I watched the GMA segment on "free stuff"/conception kit on 7/21. Found the link to SheSpeaks and joined. I hope this conception kit can help those wanting a baby and just know God hears your prayers.

  • momoffive By momoffive

    This is wonderful! for couples who would like to try this. I have been blessed with 6 beautiful children. So, I was happy to read a few comments in here for those who have been blessed with a beautiful baby. Congrats to you above :)

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