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  • YahKhaleSayMa By  YahKhaleSayMa    

    This smell great. Would definitely purchase this again.

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  • brantleysmom523 By  brantleysmom523    

    I thought this product would be a light, fresh scent, but it isn't. It's on the strong side, but it doesn't last very long. I would be more interested if lighter, longer-lasting scents were available.

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  • emmykins By  emmykins    

    I love the scents these come in, it makes it easy to keep your body smelling fresh and clean. I do wish they lasted a little longer and the bottles where maybe more purse friendly!

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  • CassieSpeaksAlot By  CassieSpeaksAlot    

    I thought that this product was very good, but too harsh for my taste. It does come one very strong, but it is good to use when going to an outside function and you don't want to smell like sweat..

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  • beautinsuccess By  beautinsuccess    

    This came as a travel size, with my deodorant. I use the spray after a bath around the house, or as a purse size touch up, but I don't use it much, because unless I mix it with Bath&Bodyworks Moonlight Path (another Lavender fragrance) it smells kind of cheap to me, unlike the deodorant itself. Which is perfect.

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  • Tinaafranc By  Tinaafranc    

    All I can say is that this product smell sooo great and I will definitely purchase another one!

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  • mastrogm By  mastrogm     SheSpeaks Tester

    I love this fresh scent. I cannot use real flowery fragrances so I was happy to find something I could use and enjoy. I love the fresh feel after spraying and I have several of the other fragrances.

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  • wakechick By  wakechick     SheSpeaks Tester

    This wasn't really for me. I thought the scent was pleasing, but too strong.

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  • marino5 By  marino5     SheSpeaks Tester

    This was a good product! It smells good! Thank you for the sample

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  • iloveyou1988 By  iloveyou1988    

    love love love love this smells awesome

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  • d1_dawn By  d1_dawn     SheSpeaks Tester

    I liked the smell ok but not as well as Antiperspirant /Deodorant after I did not think it lasted as long or was of the same quality and did not last all day for me either.

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  • cherrytart By  cherrytart     SheSpeaks Tester

    I loved the way the Lavender deodorant smelled, so when I sprayed this I was expecting the same great smell. However, it smelled nothing like the deodorant. It wasn't a pleasant smell, very chemical smelling. I was really disappointed.

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  • swcat12 By  swcat12     SheSpeaks Tester

    A lot of these types of products seems to change into a alcoholic smell after awhile yet with this I've yet to have a problem. Got a secret bundle from she speaks with the matching deodorant with it and have to say I'm in love. Sprayed it at my friends house she loved it and said you ever get another bottle it's mine lol. Even when I get hugged "Oh you smell good what is that?". Aś well done secret :)

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  • Kelt05 By  Kelt05     SheSpeaks Tester

    I really enjoyed this not usually a fan of this type of product but this was not too over powering of a smell.

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