Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash

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holds my hair in place and the scent is really fresh and pleasant

I really liked the smell! That was the first thing I noticed when i opened my package :) It held my hair well throughout the entire day without making my hair feel all sticky and battled the frizz well :)

I recieved this free with my deoderant purchase a few days ago. It smells great! I had my eye on another so I went and got one while there were still some attached to the deoderant..cocoa butter was heavenly!!

HUGE favorite if mine because of the scent. I am not usually a lavendar fan - but this is not just lavendar - it's something else with it and it's so fresh and yummy! I received this as a gift for my birthday earlier this year. The little bottle is almost gone and you can get I'll be watching the sales/coupons for a chance to get another for a great deal. (I have to say, this was not a free sample to test and review and I'm just reviewing because I love it and wanted to share. Mine I have is a body spray, so I'm confused by the reviews in that some talk about how it holds their hair in place??)

Got this as a freebie with a pack of deodorant it was a sample size I love it will buy a larger size when it is all gone!!

I recieved a bottle of this in the mail and I have used it everyday since.I do not like to havea lot of hairsprayor gel or anything in my hair because I dont like the way it feels but I also have very thick wavy hair so I have to.THis productworks greatbecause it holds very well but it also leaves my hair not feeling 'caked"with hairspray,I could still run my hands through my hair and notget all sticky.I really like this product and will continue to use it ,oh and I almost forgot ,it smells really good to,I wasnt scared to lite a lighter or match around me like I am with other hair products.

Love the smell.

Loved this light scent of this body splash, definately a spring/summer must have!

The Secret Scent Expressions Ooh-La-La Lavender Body Splash is a perfect finish to my morning routine. I love the light clean lavender scent. It also comes in a convenient smaller size for traveling.

This is really good and doesn't have a reaction with my skin! I'd def recommend it to a friend!

I'm not big on foofie stuff - lol, but I do really like this one, it's suttle and gives that scent without over powering

Great light scent and a great compliment to the deodorant. Nice product!

I received this and the deodorant. I just loved the smell. My 14 year old daughter grabbed it from me and has decided to use it. She also thought the smell was great --- she's an athlete and needs the protection. She said it really kept her dry. Thank you!

I agree with other reviews in that it isn't too strong at all. Its a perfect compliment to the deodorant. I can see that if you're pretty busy throughout the day it wouldn't seem to last long, but if I'm just at home and sitting here in front of the computer or playing around with the kids, I can still smell it even much later. Not that its strong, I only catch the scent enough to know its still there. And if I'm out during the day after having used it in the morning, I can always just spritz a little if it goes away. I've looked at the prices, and it is inexpensive enough to spritz as much as you need throughout the day. My daughter has taken to using it, too. She's 11. I can't let her have this one though! I really like it, so she has to share it with me!

Nice & refreshing, perfect for the summer