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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    

    great quality

    Best deodorant out there. I love this deodorant, it lasts super long and it's truly effective.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    great deodorant

    Secret Clinical Strength Soft Solid Deodorant works great. I love that it helps with 3 different types of sweat, heat, activity and stress. I live in Texas where it's hot and humid almost all the time. It's November & December and it's still hot outside, this is the time when I decorate my entire yard for Christmas. I was out there for hours a day but not once did I ever feel the need to reapply deodorant and I still smelled fresh. Secret Clinical Strength took care of all 3 types of sweat on those day with it being hot, doing activity, and stressing over lights going out and what I'm going to put where because we have over 20,000 lights. I never knew that stress sweat was the worst sweat because it comes from a different gland that causes more bacteria and odor. It gives you all day protection with just 2-3 clicks and it dries fast. It has a very pleasant scent that isn't too strong and it's free of dyes. I would definitely recommend Secret Clinical Strength deodorant to anyone because it's got you covered for any circumstance. Secret never disappoints and performs as promised. The only thing that I thought was strange was that the box said soft solid and the deodorant says smooth solid.

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  • gunsNglitter69 By  gunsNglitter69    

    Not the right product for me

    I really wanted to love this product, but unfortunately after a few days of use, the skin under my arms broke out into a horrible rash that I ended up having to see a Dermatologist to get rid of. As a rule, I am not a person with sensitive skin but clearly something in this product does not agree with me at all

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  • Cagalli33 By  Cagalli33    

    Moisture controlling deo

    I honestly don't use deodorant because my armpits don't have any smell, but my husband does. Having said that, my husband has tried almost all deodorants and only one product has proven itself, that's Secret. 😅😅😅 His armpits now are odorless and dry. Well to simplify the theory behind the odor is that our armpits by anatomy will sweat because of the location (it's compressed between our body and arms), and of course, the season or higher temperature could also be a precipitating factor, stress, strenuous activities, or simply hyperhidrosis. The moisture from all of these attract bacteria that makes it smelly. 😅😅😅 So, the function of the deodorant is not actually to directly remove the smell rather to lessen moisture. 😁

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  • Pitlover17 By  Pitlover17    

    Doesn?t work

    I sweat like crazy when I?m hot and this doesn?t help at all.

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  • Habladora By  Habladora    


    This is my favorite deodorant because I am very active and this product works perfect for my active lifestyle I can put it on once after I shower and last all day.

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  • Mmartin3293 By  Mmartin3293    

    love it

    Love this anti-perspirant! Keeps me super dry and smelling (and feeling) good! I can be much more confident knowing that this will continue working and not need to be constantly reapplied. highly recommend this product! Great brand, awesome product! Check it out!

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  • Love_without_limits By  Love_without_limits    

    Changed my life

    So embarrassing to admit, but I swear really badly and of course that also means I can smell pretty bad at times too.. for awhile I just carried deodorant around with me and reapplied nearly ever hour just to make sure i smelled fresh. My mom actually bought me this and I'll admit after years of dealing with my problem I was skeptical that this would work. Lo and behold I only had to apply once! This is the only deodorant I use now and it gave me my confidence back!

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  • hachi1 By  hachi1    

    Excellent Product with All-Day Protection

    This Secret product is amazing! I've found the best results with it protecting my body, keeping it fresh and in good fragrance all day long even when working out!

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  • Jessash612 By  Jessash612    


    Secret Clinical Waterproof is amazing! I have used this product since it first came out. I recently tried a different brand snd it was was even comparable. Needless to say I went back to the store that day and bought Secret. It stays on for days and smells great.

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  • Teralynn7383 By  Teralynn7383    

    The BEST Deodorant Ever

    Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is the BEST deodorant if you sweat like I do!! My armpits used to sweat like crazy until I started using this product!! Its the only deodorant I use now!!!

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  • WileyLane By  WileyLane    

    Helpful product!

    My daughter has used this. She sweats excessively, as did I when I was her age. It really helped!

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  • quisha88 By  quisha88    

    Not my Favorite

    This product used to work for me but now it does not hold up and it leave a white film on your skin that is hard to get off.

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  • Peoplesx4 By  Peoplesx4    

    One of the better deodorants that i have found although i have found a cheaper one (also clinical) that i find to work better. Still a great product.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Premium Protection

    I love Secret Clinical Strength deodorant! It absorbs odors throughout the whole day! I feel confident knowing that it protects 4 times from sweat! Also, it keeps the skin soft which prevents any irritation from shaving!

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