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  • shelby_neal8792 By  shelby_neal8792    

    Love this item!

    Love this item! Have them everywhere in my home! Great at making the house smell amazing! Only issue I have is how expensive they are! Other than that they are perfect!

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  • llopez45 By  llopez45    

    I love secntcy wax and their warmers , they're long lasting also they look great in my home.

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  • Skennon By  Skennon    

    Their scents are amazing and last so much longer than other flameless waxes on the market. I do believe that all of their products are superior, though a little more pricey. You do pay a premium for better quality but I like being able to contact my consultant if I have a problem with a product. You do not have that same opportunity from a mass retailer.

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  • simplydiamond By  simplydiamond    

    I absolutely love this candle. The fragrance is amazing.

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  • MarineMom52 By  MarineMom52    

    I own two Scentsy burners. One full size and one plug in. I do think that they are good quality products and I will wait till they are having a sale to stock up.Love their variety!

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  • melissa77 By  melissa77    

    I agree about being pricey but beautiful jars and some great fragrances.

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    A bit pricey, but they smell amazing

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  • missmoniques81 By  missmoniques81    

    I purchased two Scentsy warmers after seeing them at one of my friends house. I usually have one on in my house at all times! As of late I have preferred my bathroom plug in warmer but I usually keep a different scent in each to suit my mood. The warmers can run a little pricey but the quality is much higher than the knock off versions sold at Wal-Mart. I usually save my Scentsy wax melts for special occasions and buy the knock off wax melts at Target to save myself a little bit of money. The Scentsy brand wax melts are much higher quality and they scents are better/last longer. My only real complaint is that I find the Scentsy warmers extremely difficult to clean....maybe its just me lol.

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  • Njs4evergirl By  Njs4evergirl    

    Scentsy is like smell good heaven. They always have amazing smelling products. My aunt is addicted. I love them however there prices can be a little exspensive

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  • Mj8462 By  Mj8462    

    I love scentsy!! they have so many cute warmers, and amazing scents!

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  • 20desarae10 By  20desarae10    

    They are a little pricy but great products. I have bouht this and the ones at Walmart and I go through the cheap ones twice as fast so they even out in the end. I have them in every room.

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  • ShaynaNabinger By  ShaynaNabinger    

    These warmers are just awesome! They smell so good!

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  • shelbylynn0526 By  shelbylynn0526    

    had a scentsy, and unfortunately we ruined it buy buying better homes and gardens refills for it. apparently they arent the same type of product and the wax leaked through and stained our white counters at the time.

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  • keeganandjacksmommy By  keeganandjacksmommy    

    i love my scentsy burner. my 4 year old decided to stick his finger in it one day. and true to its word - he did not get burned. i love the designs they have. i would pay the extra over going to walmart and buying the better homes and gardens stuff any day

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  • ambergoff4515 By  ambergoff4515    

    I loved Scentsy so much that I started to sell it! The knock off products that can be bought at WalMart and other stores are no where close to comparable.

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