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  • Tymera By  Tymera    

    It was very good I would recommend this to anyone , I will aslo most likely be getting this again if they have them at the store next time.

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  • Wildchild6378 By  Wildchild6378    

    This is so easy to make even my teenage son can do it... add to that this is so richa nd flavorful by far my favorite of the box mixes for a quick family dinner!

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  • barbara_wllms By  barbara_wllms    

    These are ok,. I have had better, but when you're in a hurry and need something quick then they fit the bill. I just wish they weren't so high in fat and there were some other dishes.

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  • jlbyrd By  jlbyrd    

    If you want a fast meal for two, this is a OK choice. It is a bit bland so I usually add so seasoning from my spice rack.

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  • cwmartucci By  cwmartucci    

    not to impressed with this product... it was very blah...when looking at the ingred. list it made it worse for me.. I for sure will not buy this product again.. it would be good for a fast dinner.. but for sure not the homecooked taste...

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  • Rockl35 By  Rockl35    

    Such a wonderful easy meal that you can't get enough of! I just added a can of cooked chicken and some garlic bread and had a wonderful home cooked meal to serve my family. Cheaper then eating out, yet all the taste is there!

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  • kiss227 By  kiss227    

    I LOVE this meal! It was easy to fix and tasted excellent. It was a hit with my husband too!!

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  • tonia_jeff By  tonia_jeff    

    love this product my kids could not get enough they get excited when i bring the box home from grocery store asking when i'm going to make it

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  • taulbeegeorgie By  taulbeegeorgie    

    My family and I loved this!! We are super busy in the evenings with all of the kids activities and stuff so its nice to have a quick, easy, yummy meal!! Add some green beans and a salad with chicken, and you have dinner!!

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  • TNTMama By  TNTMama    

    Great easy way to have the Dining Feeling at home. I LOVE Macaroni Grill and wanted the "taste" of it for less. Now, it's not restaurant quality, but I didn't expect that. The best is the coupons, it really makes it worth it.

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  • kbh811 By  kbh811    

    I tried this because I had a few coupons and it was on sale and I was let down by it. The fat and sodium content were outrageous and the sauce was a bit bland and gelatinous. In the same amount of time it took to make this I could have made it from scratch and it would have been at last 1/2 the fat, calories and sodium.

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  • katiewhitecwc By  katiewhitecwc    

    This is a regular meal at my house.Plus there's tons of coupons for it!

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  • y42796 By  y42796    

    I second mommyofboys- these products are great!! Super-yummy, ready to go with all of the prepackaged ingredients, a gourmet flavor and quality that is hard to match cooking by scratch. Great job!

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  • Suevivor2 By  Suevivor2    

    This is one of the best boxed dinners I have ever bought and cooked at home! All you need to get extra is the chicken to cook with it. Everything else is included. This dinner is delicious and your whole family will LOVE it. I know mine does. They ask for it all the time.

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