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Ripe For the Registry

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Ripe For the Registry
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Bringing a new baby home is a time of joy, love, and at times utter chaos. A new parent may have many questions about purchases for a new baby, like what will really be worth the price and what will ultimately end up gathering dust in the corner of the nursery.

There will be plenty of advice offered from friends and family telling you what will be necessary for you and your baby. But when it comes down to it, it’s likely your baby will end up telling you (in so many smiles and cries) what he or she likes.

Contributing writer for the’s Cat Schwartz offers eight “must-have” gadgets for busy moms that have worked for her. One gadget Schwartz says her son benefits from a great deal is a Munchkin Voice-Activated Crib Light ($13). When a baby gets upset during naps, sight and sounds can sometimes help soothe them. This particular light offers the sound of a heart beat and soft rotating colors for ten minutes when it is activated.

One device Schwartz finds helpful in the kitchen is a cordless hand blender by Breville ($100). This may sound like a lot to pay for a blender, but in the end it can save you quite a bit on canned baby food. The portable device is battery operated and makes blending up fruits and vegetables for your little one a breeze.

Schwartz also finds the Nurse N Glow Pillow ($40) to be handy for night time feedings. The soft light coming from inside the pillow allows just enough light to make sure baby is latched on properly. Schwartz likes it simply because, “it’s always nice to have so you can watch their little lips doing that sucking motion.”

Okay, so maybe your baby won’t need these items for day to day survival, but they can all be very helpful. For a complete list of Schwartz’s “must-have” gadgets you can visit .

Do you think the three items listed above could be handy for mom and baby?

Can you offer any advice for new moms wondering what to stock up on before the big day?

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  • Tracee By Tracee

    I would really like to have the nursing pillow. This is a great idea. Sometimes it is really hard to nurse and see if the baby is latched on right. A light is too bright, and wakes to baby up too much. This pillow seems to be just bright enough to see the baby but dim enough to not startle the baby. Great product.

  • MissMCarol By MissMCarol

    I love the idea of a lighted nursing pillow. Especially at first when you're trying to get the hang of nursing it would be nice to have a little light to help you fumble your way through. What a good idea!

    We've just started putting our baby on baby food and at 99 cents for 5 oz the hand blender for $100 seems like a steal.

  • Shorty6_4 By Shorty6_4

    I love the light nursing pillow idea, that would have been great when my 2 yr old was a baby. I would alway have to get up and go into the living room to feed him so my husband wouldn't wake up.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75

    The lighted nursing pillow sounds great-though it would be nice if it was made in a variety of shapes (like the Boppy pillow shape) so that those of us who are unable/choose not to breastfeed would also be able to take advantage of the minimal lighting when our little ones need to eat in the wee hours! I know my husband hated turning on even the very dim light over the stove because it woke both him & our daughter up too much, and any day now we'll be having the same problem!

  • GBaker By GBaker

    The idea of the nursing pillow is nice, but I don't think the shape of the pillow is condusive to breastfeeding. I had the My Breast Friend pillow and it was the best! You could practically walk around (though not a good idea) with your baby latched on with it.

    Also, making baby food is more work than you think. Most little babies need fine puree, so the food needs to go through a fine strainer too. Its a great idea, but for those who are time crunched (like myself), organic baby food is just fine until they can eat heavier textures.

  • Ashlee0703 By Ashlee0703

    Writing this info down ... thanks for posting

  • mommy2twogirls By mommy2twogirls

    These all sound like great product ideas, but I'm not sure how often they would be used by me.

  • cookums By cookums

    The lighted Pillow is GREAT something all nursing moms need whoever come up with this had to be a nursing mom knowing there was a need for it. The light ALWAYS wakes the baby

  • rissagy By rissagy

    I think this is a great idea for mothers

  • historyhata By historyhata

    These things seems great. I'll most likely buy my neighbor these products, she's pregnant.

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