Ripe For the Registry

   By drodriguez  Apr 14, 2008

Bringing a new baby home is a time of joy, love, and at times utter chaos. A new parent may have many questions about purchases for a new baby, like what will really be worth the price and what will ultimately end up gathering dust in the corner of the nursery.

There will be plenty of advice offered from friends and family telling you what will be necessary for you and your baby. But when it comes down to it, it’s likely your baby will end up telling you (in so many smiles and cries) what he or she likes.

Contributing writer for the’s Cat Schwartz offers eight “must-have” gadgets for busy moms that have worked for her. One gadget Schwartz says her son benefits from a great deal is a Munchkin Voice-Activated Crib Light ($13). When a baby gets upset during naps, sight and sounds can sometimes help soothe them. This particular light offers the sound of a heart beat and soft rotating colors for ten minutes when it is activated.

One device Schwartz finds helpful in the kitchen is a cordless hand blender by Breville ($100). This may sound like a lot to pay for a blender, but in the end it can save you quite a bit on canned baby food. The portable device is battery operated and makes blending up fruits and vegetables for your little one a breeze.

Schwartz also finds the Nurse N Glow Pillow ($40) to be handy for night time feedings. The soft light coming from inside the pillow allows just enough light to make sure baby is latched on properly. Schwartz likes it simply because, “it’s always nice to have so you can watch their little lips doing that sucking motion.”

Okay, so maybe your baby won’t need these items for day to day survival, but they can all be very helpful. For a complete list of Schwartz’s “must-have” gadgets you can visit .

Do you think the three items listed above could be handy for mom and baby?

Can you offer any advice for new moms wondering what to stock up on before the big day?

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caryn8 by caryn8 | LAKE GENEVA, WI
Aug 19, 2008

I am so tired of hearing everyones supposed "must haves" for baby. Whatever did we do before these light up, voice activated and hands free devices? Just what every moms home needs- more junk to store, give away, take up space and clean up.

gondecktalley by gondecktalley | NORMAN, OK
Aug 15, 2008

It's really unfortunate that companies prey on new parents and bombard them with advertisements for their product that they MUST have. To each their own, I find most of these things useless and unnecessary...

familygirl2008 by familygirl2008 | MT HOLLY SPGS, PA
Aug 13, 2008

I would love the Nurse n Glow pillow. What an awesome idea!! One of the best things about nursing is the snuggle time I have with my son when he wakes up for his middle of the night snack, it would be so helpful to be able to use this instead of a nightlight or lamp.

mandyspeaking by mandyspeaking | MILFORD, PA
Aug 07, 2008

I had a hand blender and used it to make my own baby food. Great gadget, super easy to use and not messy. Plus I did save a forunate since my baby was going thru 5 jars of food a day. I would save my gerber plastic containers and fill them myself and label them so I would have the proper portion sizes.

The lighted nursing pillow is something I wish I had. I am done nursing, but it would have helped me and bay have a more relaxing middle of the night feeding.

kapcsd by kapcsd | North Hollywood, CA
Jul 31, 2008

Where was this about a year ago! Great ideas - I will definitely keep them in mind when we try for number 3.

StacieinAtlanta by StacieinAtlanta | Atlanta, GA
Jun 05, 2008

Great picks. Thanks for sharing!!

debi_123 by debi_123 | Sylvester, GA
May 25, 2008

that light up nursing pillow would of really come in handy when i had my baby of course she is over 30 now actually what i used was this glow thing that went on the end of a flashlight i got from radio shack for 99 cents worked wonders lol. this would be an excellent shower gift.

ramya666 by ramya666 | Somerville, MA
May 13, 2008

I think the baby pillow and the crib light would not be very helpful... Baby could get disturbed in the middle of the night and make noises but could go back to sleep all by itself... Probably the crib light would light up and the baby could get disturbed by the light instead of going to sleep all by itself...

thehunters by thehunters | Fort Gratiot, MI
May 09, 2008

I like the ideas discussed here, but they seem unnecessary at best! I am a very frugal Momma, but there are certain things that you just have to have, and a lighted pillow does not seem to be one of them. We always used a night light and a Boppy Pillow, and i'm willing to bet that combined they were cheaper than this lighted pillow. Also, I would worry about the baby picking at the lighted part, everything goes directly to the mouth, I would worry about the choking hazards!

happygirl23 by happygirl23 | Frisco, TX
May 08, 2008

The hand blender sure sounds easy to use and clean up... I think a "Magic Bullet" or other type would do just as well. Didn't make my own food for baby #1 but considering it for baby #2! Lighted pillow?? You can feel if your baby is latched on right, so I'm not sure that should be their main selling point. I think you could use any other type of soft light or night light for low light and be just fine. Sound activated device sounds interesting. Just wondering how sensitive it is? Babies make noise while they're asleep, so I'd hate for them to just be dreaming and have the "lights and sounds" actually rouse them. Interesting idea.

stephanykr by stephanykr | Littleton, CO
May 07, 2008

The blender seems very expensive for what it is but the lighted nursing pillow I would use for sure. What a great idea!

jerjel by jerjel | grimes, IA
May 07, 2008

Most moms decide to stay at home with their kids nowadays and have to try and live with a tight income. So to spend so much on something that's of little use is so ridiculous. Most kids start on table food by month 8 or 9 .and they start solids only at 5th or 6th month. So buying a blender for $100 for using it for one or two months is such a waste of money and mind it that the ordinary blender works well for pureeing baby food. As for the light...well a simple night light does the same. Babies are expert at feeding with their eyes closed.:)

Luvnlife by Luvnlife | South Jordan, UT
May 07, 2008

I've heard about blenders like this and am looking into buying one in a few months. Both my sisters-in-law say it's a great way to save money and super easy to prepare the baby's food.

JoeyWallace1978 by JoeyWallace1978 | Bartlett, TX
May 06, 2008

The blender..Way too expensive!by the time the babies eat 100$ worth of jar food they are already eating pizza... I have 4 kids and never had to worry about the lighting of breastfeeding .A nightlight from the dollar store worked fine..I dont understand why people waste so much money on JUNK .Instead of Things the babies accually NEED. Diapers And Formula and CEREAL .

I guess its nice if you can afford it... Then you have the people on welfare who go buy these things who cant afford anything and sell their foodstamps for crack so that others have to take responsiblity for feeding their kids and churches and relatives buying diapers all the time.

Its a shame how companies make prices so high on products these days ...Thats what makes people steal..

Im way off topic...

cynthiawhite by cynthiawhite | torrance, CA
May 05, 2008

wow the blender would be great once i start feeding my infant babyfood-baby food adds up....I have the nursing pillow and it is great something i would not want to live with out.