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Why Wait has literally saved me hundreds. I first found the site on Groupon when I was looking for fun gift ideas. I have bought so many gift cards and received either a gift card back or paid half the denomination I purchased. Highly recommend this site to anyone who likes saving a buck. Who doesn't want free money?

I've had a lot of success with My favorite local restaurant participates and I buy gift certificates regularly. It's essentially paying a small fee for a coupon. It's not like a regular gift certificate, most have minimum amounts that you must spend in order to be able to use the gift certificate, along with other stipulations specific to the restaurant (only valid for dine-in, may only use a gift certificate once per month, etc.) The restaurant that I go to has even rewarded the use of these gift certificates with extra freebies (free dessert) on occasion. I think the mixed reactions show that how much you like the site depends on where you live and what restaurants in your area accept the gift certificates. It's definitely worth checking out what restaurants in your area participate.

Love this site when it has the restaurant you want just because they're always running deals 70-80% of gift certificate prices.

I think it's a great idea. My sister has used it and had great luck with it with restaurants in her area. In my area, there wasn't many that participated in it. I would definitely do it if there were more places in Delaware that participated.

I love this site. It lets me try new restaurants that I have been wanting to try with a great discount!

I have tried to use this website, but there are not any restaurants for anywhere near where I live. The closest ones are 45+ miles away, and are for places I have never heard of. They need to expand.

It seems there are many concerns about getting these certificates and then not having them accepted when at the restaurant

I thought the concept of was great, but have purchased certificates and then never used them. I moved to a rural area where there is only one restaurant on the web site. When I got to the restaurant there was a sign up that they were no longer accepting certificates, so it was a waste for me again. My experiences thus far have not been positive.

I am not impressed by this site. The restaurants are so restricted and the deal is comprable to what our local eateries offer without a cost to me. Would not buy from this company or recommend it.

Ive used them a few times but I never remember about it until its too late. I have bought gift cards and never used them. But all in all I think this is a great idea! Its a great way to try out new places you don't want to actually drop 25 on! Ive used it while traveling and when I moved to a new town.

I love this site I love eating out and this website makes it afordable.

There are No Choices in my area. I'd have to drive an hour and a half North to Philly. And it's not like I live in "the Middle of Nowhere"

There are no restaurants where I live. There are some available if I drive 30 minutes to the big city. In addition, the restaurants are very expensive restaurants and have quite a few restrictions on when the coupons can be used. Mostly a dissapointing web site.

I have checked this website out several times, but still they seem to only service the larger metropolitan areas. I wish there were more choices!

It woulud be alright, except there are only about 10 restaurants on here that are in our town, and they are restaurants that I don't like. You would think more restaurants could participate, it would be a great deal if they didn.