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  • heatherfarr By  heatherfarr    

    Better to stream

    I used to stop by the nearby kiosk to try and pick up movies, but my choices were always unavailable, so I started streaming instead or going through Amazon Prime.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    RedBox is available pretty much anywhere and super convenient. And super simple and easy to use.

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  • Peachesncream887 By  Peachesncream887    

    It is nice to still be able to rent physical DVDs as they are much cheaper than renting the movie digitally for some reason. The only downside is that sometimes the movie you want is not in the box and sometimes the cases look gross and I am not sure how often if ever they get cleaned. Overall great affordable service with good coupons and rewards system as well.

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    This has been our go to for watching movies at home, cheap and easy. But there have been a couple of times when the box we returned the rentals to didn't register it to our account, fortunately they did correct the over charge. Now with everything being possibly contaminated we've switched to streaming.

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  • Aed8031 By  Aed8031    

    Love it

    I love to rent movies from redbox they always have the best and newest movies which I can enjoy with friends and family!

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    Honestly I love red box!!! im always using the one near my house. Ive only ever had A scratch one ONE DVD that I have rented through them. Plus red box always have the new movies that are out!

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  • Blair199120 By  Blair199120    


    Super convenient. Easy to find. My boyfriend and I watch a ton of movies and have a Redbox account and have finally hit the Legend level which if I am understanding correctly, is the highest level one can achieve. Great customer service! Whoever created Redbox is a genius.

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  • spartan03 By  spartan03    

    Redbox is Easy!

    Redbox makes watching movies at home easy and inexpensive! My family looks forward to "movie nights" and we often take advantage of emailed promotional codes to rent movies at a discounted rate.

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  • bbfan802 By  bbfan802    

    Not convenient for me

    I get a free rental for my birthday every year. The bad part about Redbox is that it is mostly DVD rentals and the birthday coupon is just to get a rental at my local redbox. The local redbox does not have the movie that I want to rent. In addition to that, the coupon does not seem to work for the Redbox On Demand rentals, which is more convenient for me.

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Redbox is here

    Very convenient great invention easy to understand I'm very happy with this product super smart idea this would be a really nice present for loved ones/film buffs

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  • elizaleona By  elizaleona    

    Going to the movies is pricey so RedBox is a nice alternative. I can watch fairly recent movies at home and save my money for movie dates. The only thing for me is remembering to return the DVDs on time! On the other hand, my local grocery store has a Red Box so it?s very convenient for me.

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  • gloriarr By  gloriarr    

    Redbos - Easy and convenient DVD rentals

    Redbox is convenient. Every 10 rentals they give you a free DVD rental. Sometimes latest released videos are not available for a couple of weeks. other then that no complaints. If you have to contact them about any sort of problem they are prompt to reply and fix the problem.

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  • zsazsa By  zsazsa    

    I love Redbox! Seriously, they are always giving out free codes which means I rarely if ever pay to rent a movie.

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  • ashley90 By  ashley90    

    Nice way to rent

    The have a decent selection and you cant beat the price

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  • disneymommy12 By  disneymommy12    

    Love Redbox. Wonderful cheap way to have a movie night.

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