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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    

    You will smell great!

    Love, love, love this perfume! Smells awesome! I wear it all the time, everyday! I get complimented on how nice I smell and my fiance goes crazy :) I recommend this to all the ladies.

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  • Teralynn7383 By  Teralynn7383    

    Ralph Lauren never let's me down!

    Ralph Lauren has some AMAZING Fragrances, and this is definitely one of them!! Its a very light floral scent, but not too overpowering! You can wear it daily, regardless of the occasion, its classy enough for fancy parties but perfect for everyday too! Great Fragrance!

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  • Guccigurl By  Guccigurl    

    The best Fragrance in the world

    My everything I love Ralph Lauren Romance so much I couldn't imagine BUYING ANYTHING ELSE. The smell is very classy and it's high quality this is the best Fragrance in the world #1FAN

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Love the light smell that stays with me all day. My husband always says I smell good when I wear this perfume!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Something in it gives me a headache. I cannot recommend this. The smell is too strong.

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  • midnightblue By  midnightblue    

    Sweet and refreshing! Everyone always wants to know what I'm wearing. It is floral, but just the right amount. If you think its a little to out of your price range. try the body spray. it will be the same essence and at a better price for every day use.

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  • Alexander By  Alexander    

    sweet and lucious scent makes me wat to go out and have fun. Great product and very expensive so if you got the wallet for it i say go for it, expect many men taking a second look ladies.

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  • Break_the_rules By  Break_the_rules    

    I love this perfume! It is perfect for a romantic date as it is very soft and sweet so it doesnt overcome the guy. My boyfriend thinks that this is his favorite perfume!

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  • wormflick By  wormflick    

    This is a very nice fragrance. It smells nice and last awhile.

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  • nunyabiznis7 By  nunyabiznis7    

    This is my favorite RL perfume. It smells great and not heavy or overpowering. Stays with you a while and gets compliments.

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    This is my second favorite perfume, i wear it when i need that soft and as it says ROMANTIC smell! Its sweet without being to flowery and can be worn year round! Deff. a must have for me!!! love it

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  • bonbon2007 By  bonbon2007    

    I love it ,refreshing but very expensive.

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  • mlanzillo By  mlanzillo    

    Everytime I smell this it brings me back, I dont know why. The smell is amazing and fresh you just feel Pretty when wearing it!!

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  • CaptainK By  CaptainK    

    This is a good product. This can be overpowering so two sprays will do. It has a very fresh scent with sweet floral undertones. To me, this is an evening scent.

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  • Puhcho87 By  Puhcho87    

    i love it

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