Ralph Lauren Romance - Always Yours Elixir de Parfum

Ralph Lauren Romance - Always Yours Elixir de Parfum

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I received this as a wonderful Valentine's day present and couldn't be more thrilled. I have gotten so many compliments from co-workers and friends about how pleasant the fragrance is. It is a bit like the original "Romance" scent, but is much more feminine and light. (If you love the original Romance, you should definitely try Romance Always Yours for an uplifting change.) It provides a fresh, clean, everyday scent, with light floral accents that would seem to work with any woman's natural chemistry. A little dab lasts a long time without being over-powering.

Ralph Lauren never let's me down! Ralph Lauren has some AMAZING Fragrances, and this is definitely one of them!! Its a very light floral scent, but not too overpowering! You can wear it daily, regardless of the occasion, its classy enough for fancy parties but perfect for everyday too! Great Fragrance!

The best Fragrance in the world My everything I love Ralph Lauren Romance so much I couldn't imagine BUYING ANYTHING ELSE. The smell is very classy and it's high quality this is the best Fragrance in the world #1FAN

Sweet and refreshing! Everyone always wants to know what I'm wearing. It is floral, but just the right amount. If you think its a little to out of your price range. try the body spray. it will be the same essence and at a better price for every day use.

This is my favorite RL perfume. It smells great and not heavy or overpowering. Stays with you a while and gets compliments.

This is my second favorite perfume, i wear it when i need that soft and as it says ROMANTIC smell! Its sweet without being to flowery and can be worn year round! Deff. a must have for me!!! love it

I love it ,refreshing but very expensive.

Everytime I smell this it brings me back, I dont know why. The smell is amazing and fresh you just feel Pretty when wearing it!!

This is a good product. This can be overpowering so two sprays will do. It has a very fresh scent with sweet floral undertones. To me, this is an evening scent.

i love it

You will smell great! Love, love, love this perfume! Smells awesome! I wear it all the time, everyday! I get complimented on how nice I smell and my fiance goes crazy :) I recommend this to all the ladies.

I received this perfume for my birthday and I absolutely LOVED it. So beautiful and refreshing! I always got complimented! If If I could describe this perfume in one word it would be FABULOUS.

i heard it smells realy good.

this perfume smell is very subtle and sweet smelling; only problem is the scent doesn't last very long.

Love the light smell that stays with me all day. My husband always says I smell good when I wear this perfume!