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  • JCrutch04 By  JCrutch04    

    I have a similar set in turquoise with a few additional items included. I love having easy to clean pans, and I love all the color of my set.

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  • chouser By  chouser    

    Great cookware

    Love these pots and pans. They work fantastic and look nice since i hang them on a pot rack. Food does not stick either!

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    I love rachael ray cookware it is so great especially the nonstick and the oval shaped pots are great.

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  • aamita By  aamita    

    Well I love this cookware, design perfectly for cooking.

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  • CourtString By  CourtString    

    I have the orange ones and absolutely love them!

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  • msfriendly By  msfriendly    

    I finally purchased this set and it really was the right choice! I got the chocolate color and it's beautiful in my green kitchen. I love the non-stick; they wash up so quickly. Just make sure you don't use any utensils to harm the finish. If you are considering buying new cookware, this is a great choice!

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  • NEThing2save By  NEThing2save    

    Used my sister's set during my last visit and LOVED IT. Great Product and easy cleaned.

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  • pabswife By  pabswife    

    In these hard times it is hard to spend that much money on cookware...seems just paying for groceries is hard enough

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  • Ujjwala By  Ujjwala    

    I just lov ethis product.It is very easy to clean up all the mess and still they are very high quality products. It's a smart investment.

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  • youngmomoldmom By  youngmomoldmom    

    I bought this set a few years ago and i really do still love them. Make sure to wash them by hand and to use the right utensils and the non stick will last. They really are the best set I have ever owned.

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  • villahills3 By  villahills3    

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased a great set of good cookware and realized I should have done it much sooner. This set by Rachael Ray lives up to all the hype. I have cooked several meals in it and nothing has stuck from basic hambugers to clam chowder. The nonstick coating on the inside of the pots are a breeze to clean up and the hard anodized exterior is tough enough to handle everyday use. I got the set with the silicone handles that will stand up to a 400 degree oven...NO more burnt hands from grabbing the hot handle. Just be sure to use nylon utensls to prevent scratching the interior coating.

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