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best place for a quick stop Wish more than 5 stars was an option From customer service to their kitchen - can't go wrong with QT

I really like the Qwik trip stores, everyone who works there is always friendly and I can pick up stuff on my grocery list for a good price. I do feel bad they put a lot of smaller gas stations out of business when they came to ny town though

Always great place to stop when traveling. Clean bathrooms and has the best coffee. Pizza is good even for breakfast ones.

Who can say "no" to an $.89 drink? QT has exceeded all of my expectations for a convenient store! I can honestly say, that I didn't go into the stores much since we have been able to pay at the pump....until QT became local. Now, I can hardly go into town with the kids without stopping! Who can say "no" to an $.89 frozen drink? Surely not me :-)

Great coffee, great snacks, friendly service. I hadn't really heard of Quiktrip before because I moved from the West Coast to the South. Way better than other convenience stores offerings.

My favorite gas station chain

I would rather stop at a quick trip then any other gas station!! They are amazing and have so many things to choose from!!

All gas stations should be modeled after quick trip. If there was only one chain ever, it should be quick trip. Everything is done right.

Best gas station ever! Always clean, always friendly, always safe. They always have the cheapest gas prices. Sales are frequent too. The also have a line of breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches and salads which are all delicious.