Purex  Complete Crystals Softener

Purex Complete Crystals Softener

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Purex Complete Crystals Softener Love the smell of this product and the softness of my clothes. The scent last a long time.

Smells great I like really fresh smelling laundry, so I was looking forward to trying on of these "crystals" type products. I bought the blue one, and I really like the smell. It lasts pretty well, I just felt like I was going through the bottle so fast. I also tend to be an over-user of things like dish soap, laundry detergent, body wash, etc (I swear it's an over reaction to being raised by a mother who I felt always used too *little* dish soap, etc) so that may be a me problem, not a problem with the product itself. Overall, I enjoy using these crystals, and will probably continue to buy periodically, but I can't always justify spending the money just for extra sniff-ability.

nice scent Purex Complete Crystals Softener are great to use along with the liquid detergent. The scents are pleasant without being overwhelming.

Great Smells great and works well. They sell for a good price too.

Okay for the price Not the longest lasting but for your monies - worth it - PUREX is the only laundry soap that truly works on DEEP CLEANING laundry (geo technical core driller) BUT their smelly crystals aren't so hot -

WONDERFUL WHIFFS ALL 3 scents smell really good!! Crystals seem to soften clothes bettEr to me than sheets. Doesn't take much so crystals are worth buying.

This smelled sooooooo so so so very good! I received the limited edition Oh-So-Chic! fragrance and it was so nice, very floral and Spring-y. Light enough that it wasn't overpowering, even concentrated before the wash, but strong enough that it lasted for several days after the laundry was done... I'm very bad about putting up laundry immediately afterwards, lol The after wash scent wasn't quite as strong as I personally would have liked it, but I like to constantly smell nice smells, not just avoid or neutralize nasty smells. So, that might just be me.

These crystals are the best! I think they're easier to use/less messy than liquid fabric softener, and it's so easy to adjust the amount you want to use according to the size of the load - just throw in fewer or more crystals! My clothes always smell incredible after using them - the lavender scent is my favorite.

AAAHHHH... When you say PUREX I can smell the fragnace. I will say this I have tried every one and love it, The smell on the clothes seems like forever/ Great product

I dont usally try new things but someone gave this to me so i decided to and sure glad i did. The smell was wonderful. I went to buy some and found out the price was reasonable so that was a plus as well.

Love the lavender scent last a long time

This smells very good and is more affordable than the other brands. I like that the scent stays with my fabrics for a long time after the laundry is done - for days! It makes me feel like I went the extra mile and added a special touch to my family's laundry :)

works ok scent is not as strong as gain or downy

These crystals are great for freshening up your laundry. I like the purple/pink crystals for our clothes. These crystals are easy to use and while they offer a nice smell, it is not overpowering. The smell does not stay as long as I would like, but the clothes stay fresh and the smell does not compete with my perfume. The price is also less than other types of this product.

I love this product! Your clothes come out smelling terriffic! Only complaint I have is the price. I think it should be a little cheaper. Otherwise, it is very good.